3 x High-Low Activations This Month

We, as an industry, talk a lot about the ‘experience generation’: with the dramatic mind-set shift from ‘I have’ to ‘I experience’. However, there is in fact an in between – where consumers want to experience having something they thought they couldn’t. We see this perfectly in the growing trend of high-low brand collaborations. Here are three that we’ve loved this month:

  1. IKEA x Virgil Abloh

After the social frenzy caused by THAT Balenciaga bag we can’t help but wonder if IKEA was left feeling inspired to adopt a new outlook on collaborations. Since then we’ve seen them collaborate with OFF-WHITE to create a new take on IKEA’s iconic FRAKTA bag.

But, it looks like this collaboration isn’t going to be a one hit wonder. Virgil Abloh, founder of OFF-WHITE, has been teasing their much anticipated follow-up – a rug, complete with signature inverted comma statement reading “KEEP OFF”. A high-low collaboration that opens both brands up to new markets and throws the language of luxury wide open.

2. A$AP Rocky's Selfridges Bodega Pop-Up

From Alexander Wang’s 7/11 pop-up, to the Hermes Laundromat, high fashion loves a low theme.  

To promote the AGWE collection, A$AP Rocky brought a taste of home to Selfridges with his bodega pop-up. Hailing from New York, the undisputed home of the bodega (an American convenience store, where you can find pretty much anything), the new collection was nestled in between AWGE donuts and other limited edition goodies.  

Every part of the set was built for Instagram – from the shelf wobblers to branded cans of food.  Sat within the heart of Selfridges, this normcore play felt anything but normal.

3. KFC's Limited Edition Double Down

Despite being a fast food restaurant, launching yet another fast food product, we were all dying to try the new Double Down. Why? Because KFC stopped acting like a fast food chain and started acting like a high-end retailer launching their newest limited edition sneaker.  

A simple tactic involving borrowed language from fashion launches, social media hype in advance of the product ‘drop’, and numbering all the products at the launch made this product a must-have.

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