3 x Ways to Think of Your Pack As Media For Cultural Exchange

In a world where the ability to cut through using traditional paid-for-media is an increasing struggle, we help brands rewire their approach and think about using the pack as the media itself.  

Whether that’s connecting with consumers by celebrating an iconic moment in culture through limited editions, or collaborating with artists who use packaging as a canvas for storytelling, our approach is all about amplifying from the pack out, rather than comms in.   

Here’s three ways to get you inspired: two from us and another ‘Fucking Fabulous’ example from Tom Ford. 

1. Blade Runner 2049 The Director's Cut x Johnnie Walker

At LOVE, we’re as obsessive about culture as we are about your brands, so when the opportunity to blend the two came around, going all-in was a no brainer. 

The opportunity finally arose for us to pay homage to the iconic Johnnie Walker ‘bottle of the future’ and its memorable appearance in Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece. As soon as the highly anticipated follow up was given the green light, work started on our Blade Runner 2049 Director’s Cut – from the bottle, outer packaging and even the design of the liquid itself.

The limited edition speaks to both Johnnie Walker and pop-culture fanatics, blowing the boundaries of ‘luxury whisky’ wide open. Making its way onto the pages of Hypebeast and into the hands of tastemakers such as film critic Mark Kermode are just two ways we’re seeing the difference between paid-for-media and priceless media.

Not to mention its appearance on the Instagrams of thousands of Comic Con revellers, who took part in the Johnnie Walker x Blade Runner immersive activation ahead of the film’s launch – a recreation of the grimy, neon streets of futuristic Los Angeles, complete with first samples of the blend at Bibi’s Bar.

With the pack at the heart, this is the difference between culture marketing (borrowing culture) and culture (the real stuff).  

Read the full Johnnie Walker x Blade Runner 2049 The Director’s Cut case study here.

2) Tristan Eaton x Johnnie Walker

When it came to creating our latest limited edition collection for Johnnie Walker, we wanted to bring a collaborator on board who shared the brand’s spirit of progress in culture.  

LA native, Tristan Eaton is one of the most prominent, respected and talented street artists working today. We took his rare ability to interpret the things he hears, tastes, touches and smells, and render those sensations visually - using the packs as a canvas for his storytelling.  

Tristan created a visual collage of pop imagery, taking inspiration from each of the whiskies, before blending it in his own, unique style to make remarkable, collectible pieces of art on pack.


We, at LOVE, are never ready to settle for an off-the-shelf design solution, so we borrowed inspiration from Tristan to create a set of ‘graffiti spray can’ gift boxes – as giftable as they are Instagrammable.  

We’re already seeing the snowball effect of this cultural collaboration – bringing the design full circle in the form of a mural wall. An amplification true to Tristan’s heartland of working with the street as a canvas, and in exchange, introducing Johnnie Walker into new spaces in culture.

3. Tom Ford's 'Fucking Fabulous' Limited Edition

In an Instagram era, where brands are reaching cult-status through social media alone, the power of packaging means they can become ‘Insta-famous’ before they even launch.   

With a history of bold, striking advertising, Tom Ford have turned their attention to their packs as a vehicle of expression. Launching an eyebrow-raising, Insta-tapping, ‘Fucking Fabulous’ limited edition.  

Gathering the attention of beauty fanatics around the world, the packs show up front and centre of their social feeds, earning shares, likes and commentary far beyond the reach of traditional campaign communications.  

We’re guessing this clever piece of packaging will also sit front and centre on vanity tables, loathed to ever be thrown out. Now that’s what we call the power of packaging.

SEEN is compiled by LOVEs Head of Culture, Kat Towers. Want to say hello, ask questions or challenge her cultural knowledge then get in touch kattowers@lovecreative.com.