Lucky Peach Unveils The Cover For It’s 23rd & Final Issue

It’s the end of an era: Quarterly food & lifestyle journal ‘Lucky Peach’ has unveiled the cover for it’s 23rd & final issue – this time around, the theme is: the suburbs.

LP final issue

News broke in mid-March that the food & lifestyle journal was folding, sending shockwaves through the restaurant & food media worlds – eliciting eulogies from chefs, restauranteurs & writers. The publication has taken a characteristically cheeky approach to its own demise by creating a full-size coffin display, filled with back issues. 

LP insta

The void left by six-year-old Lucky Peach folding won’t go unnoticed. The magazine broke the mold with its irreverent art and design – through essays, art, photography & recipes.

LP 1

LP 2

LP spread

Lucky Peach’s influence can be spotted throughout the pages of seemingly all great food zines published today.  We’re solid fans of the publication here at LOVE, we’re giving David Chang and the whole LP team one big deep bow.