SEEN: 3 x Brands Taking On the No-Waste Trend

Responding to a generation of consumers oversaturated with ‘stuff’, brands are tapping into the growing desire for sustainable practices and closing the loop on throwaway culture. We look at three brands taking the concept of no-waste head on.

1) Duck & Waffle’s One Ingredient Cocktails

Mixologists are experimenting with the ‘trash-to-table’ mindset by repurposing ingredients that are typically discarded to create innovative new serves. Taking hold of this concept, Duck & Waffle in London explore the level of flavour achievable from just one ingredient. 

The Origins menu features 10 cocktails, named after the ingredients they are based on, such as Olive, Tomato, Avocado and Red Pepper. Every part of the ingredient is used - from tomato skins to red pepper stalks to spent coffee grounds and walnut shells - showcasing their versatility and minimising waste.

‘We have amazing ingredients to work with, why bastardise them with other flavours? I want them to shine in all their glory,’ Rich Woods, head of cocktail development at Duck & Waffle, told The Drinks Business. ‘I wanted to illustrate how much flavour can be extracted from a single ingredient and show the levels of complexity that can be obtained from multiple elements of a single source.’

Similarly, vodka brand 42 Degrees Below have created an eco hand-soap using discarded cocktail lemons. Whilst Swedish brewery Spendrups partnered with award winning Stockholm pizzeria, 800-Degrees, to repurpose their spent grain into pizza crust.     

2) LUSH #NakedHouse  

Beauty brand LUSH has opened a 'Naked House' pop-up in Soho to educate their customers about reusing, reducing and recycling. The pop-up is spread over five floors of immersive exhibition space - exploring packaging of the past, present and future. 

Guests can learn about the impact of single-use plastics - a material designed to last forever, for products designed to last minutes. Visitors will also be able to discover the latest innovations and see it all in action at the naked-apartment. 

Beyond their own products, LUSH will use the space to host an array of talks about sustainable fashion, living happier with less, and simple ways to cut down the packaging you use everyday. 

The naked pop-up is a natural fit for the brand. Around 35% of their product range is already ‘naked’, with stores proactively encouraging customers to opt out of over-packaged products.     

3) Louis Vuitton’s Refillable Fragrances

You don’t buy Louis Vuitton products for their disposability - you buy a trunk or handbag from the brand that’s built to last. In keeping with the theme of long lasting items, the mansion’s new initiative lets you turn an ordinary perfume bottle into an heirloom. Instead of throwing the glass flacon out once you’ve used up the fragrance, you can have it refilled in-store.

Select Louis Vuitton boutiques will soon feature ‘fragrance fountains’, allowing perfume collectors to refill their empty bottles using a set of tools that ensure the bottle never has to be opened or be exposed to air.

Not only does this initiative let perfume lovers reduce the amount of waste they generate, but the 'fragrance fountain' also pays homage to the Fontaines Parfumées, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud’s workshop in Grasse, Provence, where perfume bottles have been refilled for the last century.

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