SEEN. 3 x Brands Nailing Retail Experience


Kong, designed like a train carriage, to ‘L’Artisan’ in Shanghai, and ‘Secret Apartment’ in Beijing. 

Mirroring their consumer’s trend-conscious, fast-paced sense of fashion, Gentle Monster transform the ground floor of their Shanghai flagship every 25 days to keep their avid following on their toes. 

“I wanted the products to look as if they were being exhibited,” explains Hankook Kim, founder and CEO of Gentle Monster. 

Each store is a three-dimensional still life, complete with their own back-story. The store concepts have become something of a calling card for the brand. 


Topshop’s latest campaign didn’t just put virtual reality on the high street, but slap-bang in the shop window. The brand’s flagship Oxford Street store was home to SPLASH!, a summer campaign with VR at its heart. The experience married physical and digital, using Oculus Rift to send customers on a 360-degree ride on a water slide, twisting and turning through Oxford Street and beyond. 

The summer feel was enhanced with the holiday-evoking scent of sun cream. The store capitalised on the buzz in-store with micro pop-ups,  an ice-cream stall and summer-themed hair and nail bars. Translating that excitement to social media, for one Saturday only, it released a bespoke Snapchat lens featuring an aquatic-themed world, prompting its digital fans to migrate in-store. Topshop’s campaign taps into the widely documented ‘experiential economy’ and the desire for more immersive and sensorially engaging in-store experiences. 

Sheena Sauvaire, Global Marketing and Communications Director at Topshop, said: “Topshop Oxford Street has one of the most prominent store fronts in the world and we are excited to offer our consumers the opportunity to be part of it with an exhilarating VR experience. As VR technology continues to advance our desire was to blend it with retail theatre to create an immersive and shareable experience for our consumers, as a fun way to celebrate the start of summer.” 

Overlook what could be seen as ‘gimmicky’ in the world of Oculus Rift retail, Topshop are certainly offering their shoppers something worth the visit. This isn’t the first time Topshop have experimented with VR and it’s an indication that the brand sees the technology as an enabler of retail experiences going forward.


Legendary French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, wants shoppers to customise their next purchase with a choice of patches inspired by travel stickers that adorned trunks of previous eras. 

With five collections to choose from, ranging from classic heritage travel stickers to playful pop icons, your next ‘Speedy’ or ‘Neverfull’ is yours for the making. 

Louis Vuitton set the precedent for in-store personalisation with their complimentary hot-stamp monogram services. Their focus remains on personalisation with ‘Make It Yours’ available free of charge in selected stores. 

SEEN is compiled by LOVE’s Head of Culture Kat Towers. Want to say hello, ask questions or challenge her cultural knowledge then get in touch