WEEK: 03.8.18

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a roundup of what's dropped in the last seven days, brought to you by the Culture & Strategy team at LOVE.

China’s Live-Streaming

China’s move from a centre for manufacturing into a centre for culture and ideas is influencing how we consume media and culture. Take ‘Live-Streaming’ for example, celebrities have been doing it for a while on Facebook and Instagram, but has it really taken off?

In China, live-streaming is hugely popular, with the live-streaming population roughly the size of the entire US population. China’s live-streaming platforms allow users to seamlessly interact with their favourite influencers, which might include paying in real money for a virtual gift (like a wave or a mention).

Chinese companies like ‘Live Me’ are opening up in the US, training 1000’s of eager influencers on how best to promote themselves and other brands over live-stream.

China's Factory of Ideas

Blue Wine

France is finally able to complete its tricolour of wines as a new blue variety hits the shelves.

The grape skins contain anthocyanin, which is a natural pigment also found in blackcurrants, red cabbage and raspberries. Vindigo is an entirely natural white chardonnay that gets its distinctive turquoise hue after being passed through the pulp of red grape skins.

French entrepreneur Rene Le Bail is responsible for the new wine, which is currently being produced in Almeria, Spain after he initially struggled to gain a foothold with his compatriots in France.

Around 35,000 bottles of Vindigo are now on sale in the port city of Sete in the south of France for about €12 (£10.70) a bottle.

Vindigo has been described as being “ideal for the summer, to drink on the sand or at the edge of the swimming pool” - we’re sure we’ll see it all over Instagram.

Peanuts Hotel

Relax with Charlie Brown and the gang in the Peanuts Hotel that’s just opened in Japan. Originally teased back in June, each room in the hotel is based on individual comic strips by Peanuts illustrator Charles M. Schulz.

The boutique-style hotel consists of 18 rooms and will include the first Peanuts Café. There will be three floors, each with its own theme of “Imagine,” “Happy” and “Love," as well as a Peanuts Diner and gift shop.

China’s Missing Luxury Emojis

China loves Emojis, yet western brands are failing to capitalise on their popularity. Chinese culture doesn’t typically encourage outward emotion, so when emojis came along they became an essential part of communication for young people.

In response to the lack of emojis from luxury brands, amateur-made emojis are becoming popular on WeChat. Luxury brands looking for deeper relevancy with their Chinese consumers should look to provide a solution for their emoji needs. The potential for increased sharing, punctuating their consumer’s daily conversations, is something any culturally relevant brand shouldn’t be ignoring.

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