3 x Ways ‘Gen Z Yellow’ became the unofficial colour of the year

Ultra Violet purple may have been named Pantone’s Colour of 2018, but based on red carpets, runways and Instagram feeds the new hue we’re actually going to be seeing everywhere is ‘Gen Z Yellow’.  

While Millennial Pink was well documented as the colour of 2017, Gen Z Yellow is a distinctly bolder and fresher hue that captures the mood of the maturing demographic from which the colour trend is derived.  

According to Erika Woelfel, colour expert for Behr paint, "Gen Z is growing up — or, as they might say, 'glowing up'. In contrast to millennials’ nostalgic pink, yellow represents vitality and ambition, traits we’re seeing in this upcoming generation of tastemakers."    

Start tuning in to yellow and you’ll already notice the spectrum of sunshine worming its way into our creative subconscious – you’ll spot it in music videos, Instagram feeds and interior trends.

We look at three ways brands are using ‘Gen Z Yellow’ to attract new customers, and radiate a little more brightness into our lives:  

1. Retail Spaces

Vivid shades of yellow are proving a popular colour choice for commercial interiors. Daringly applied to floors, walls and ceilings, the bold hue is transforming retail, work and public spaces into friendly and optimistic environments.

Take the renovated interior of luxury fashion brand Calvin Klein’s New York flagship, for example. Flooded with the bright primary yellow, the shade covers walls and shop fittings to  build a radiant glow that contrasts with the grey stone of the building exterior.

Calvin Klein’s Chief Creative Officer, Raf Simons, chose the vivid yellow scheme to take the retail environment from “minimal to maximal”, glowing from within, representing a new day for the brand.  

2. Limited Edition

Consumers are looking for accessible ways to incorporate colour trends into their lives (and social feeds) – just a few months ago, everything from skincare to homeware was flush with Millennial Pink. Now, fast-moving brands are releasing their take on this year’s must-have colour through limited edition products and packaging.    

Look around and you’ll notice Gen Z Yellow trickling into the high-street – from luggage to beauty products and lifestyle accessories.

3. Instagrammable Spaces

Gen Z Yellow offers a sense of warmth, honesty and optimism – the antidote to the social and economic challenges we’re faced with on a daily basis (‘Trump & Brexit’ aka ‘Doom & Gloom’). It’s no wonder guests of the ‘Happy Place’ in Los Angeles are losing themselves in the vibrantly pigmented space.

Filled with larger than life installations and multi-sensory immersive rooms, the experience has been scientifically curated for visitors to capture life in full ‘Gen Z Yellow’ glory.

In today’s climate of big brand distrust and disappointment, delivering happiness - things that consumers ‘love’ and not just ‘like’ – should be at the top of our agendas 

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