3 x Ways Shiseido Reinforce Brand Loyalty Through Retail

Luxury Japanese beauty brand Shiseido has redesigned its flagship, ‘The Store’, in Ginza, Tokyo, creating a tiered retail ecosystem aimed at reinforcing brand loyalty.

The Store occupies multiple levels, each with a different purpose, offering varying levels of access and benefits according to their annual spend or number of visits.

While some areas are open to all shoppers, the members-only elements fuel consumer curiosity, along with their appetite for customisation.

1. Customised Beauty

Image Credit: Shiseido
Image Credit: Shiseido

The first two floors are dedicated to customisable beauty, with experts offering one-to-one consultations and skincare solutions. At the Styling Bar, all consumers have access to free professional hair stylists offering speedy hair and make-up services. 

But store members benefit from additional customised consultations held in the private ‘Beauty Up Cabin’

Shoppers have the option to pay for personalised beauty sessions featuring Shiseido’s advanced skincare technology, while members are presented with gift certificates to be redeemed against beauty services.

Asian beauty brands are introducing tech-driven innovations to their stores to deliver hyper-personalisation, exploration and inspiration. These spaces acknowledge consumers’ enthusiasm for brand knowledge and complex multi-step skincare routines.

2. Insta-Ready

Image Credit: Shiseido
Image Credit: Shiseido

Tapping into Gen Z and young millennials’ desire for experiences, the third-floor Beauty Boost Bar offers hair styling and makeovers accompanied by an in-store photo studio - perfect for sharing the experience with friends. In our increasingly plugged-in world, consumers are craving unique products and experiences that engage them IRL while simultaneously fuelling exciting content for their digital lives.

3. Members Only

Image Credit: Shiseido
Image Credit: Shiseido

Creating a sense of exclusivity, a members-only café on the fourth floor offers healthy food and drinks, accessories and books, as well as becoming a third-space for hosting beauty seminars and events.

Membership-based and ‘tiered’ modes of shopping are becoming valuable tactics for incubating repeat custom and brand loyalty. We’re seeing this play out through auto-replenishment and members club style benefits, to evolved subscription boxes and staggered access to in-store initiatives.

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