3 x Western Luxury Brands Jumping On The Qixi Bandwagon

Western luxury brands are looking to profit from China’s equivalent to Valentine’s Day, Qixi. A traditional gift festival with an alluring potential for growth.

Celebrated in August, the gift-giving opportunity falls well clear of Chinese New Year – a much more appealing time to activate, unlike Western Valentine’s Day which tends to get lost in the noise of the season.

The importance of Chinese consumers within the luxury sector continues to grow. According to Bain 32% of global luxury sales (totalling $1.4bn) in 2017 were to Chinese consumers - 85% were Gen Y and Z.

Due to its scale, efforts to reach consumers during this festival have grown increasingly sophisticated. Given the fast-paced digital landscape in China and the short attention spans of young shoppers today, brands are looking beyond simple campaigns and are venturing into the realm of social and gamification.

For example, more than 20 luxury brands, including Dior, Prada and Gucci, have hosted online pop-ups through WeChat mini-programmes (China’s most popular social media platform with over one billion users).

We look at three popular Qixi WeChat activations this year:

1. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana tapped into everyone’s inner stylist with its Qixi WeChat campaign. In the mini-game players could dress one of the brand ambassadors, either Chinese singer and actor Wang Junkai, or Chinese actress Dilireba.

Image Source: Weibo
Image Source: Weibo

Players were tasked with picking an item to match the selected ambassador’s Qixi look. If users successfully pick the ambassador’s real-life choice, they are entered into a lottery to win a mini D&G Devotion bag.

Users were also able to download exclusive D&G Qixi stickers for use in future WeChat messages after completing the game.

2. Bottega Veneta

While it has always had a strong presence on WeChat, Italian label Bottega Veneta has never before built an entire digital campaign around the Qixi festival – until now. This year, the brand put together a mini-game that supports both single and two-player modes.

Image Source: Luxury Society
Image Source: Luxury SocietyImage Credit: Bottega Veneta
Image Credit: Bottega Veneta

While the single-player mode manifests like any campaign would on a phone, the two-player option sees it played out across two phone screens that are placed side by side. To activate this mode, you simply invite a friend via WeChat.

In the game, players are prompted to tap on animated white paper hearts in quick succession to turn them red. Upon completion of the mini-game, users have the option of purchasing Bottega Veneta’s exclusive Qixi collection through the brand’s mini-programme, or to share the campaign with friends.

3. MCM

MCM celebrated Qixi with a WeChat embedded music mixer campaign to complement its Cassette collection.

Image Credit: MCM
Image Credit: MCM

Users were first tasked with selecting a tune of their choice from 10 available options. After which, they are prompted to record a voice message that would be mixed with their chosen melody to form a unique music track.

Users are then able to share their track with friends, or request for it to be downloaded into an MCM Cassette USB for pick up from selected boutiques in China by appointment.

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