WEEK: 25.05.18


1) BBC’s Embroidered World Cup trailer

The BBC has once again smashed their idents with an impressive stop motion animation tapestry featuring key World Cup moments.

Every second of the ident is twelve-and-half embroidered frames - that’s more than 600 unique frames and 227,000 metres of thread.

Creative Review
Creative Review

A seven-metre long tapestry will be put on public display, and added to after the tournament is over, with the aim of capturing a historical record of the event.

As we slip into an ever-increasing digital society, genuine craft becomes all the more impressive; people are hungry for depth and authentic design.


2) INTERVIEW by 032c : The Metaphysics of Logos, Decoding Branded Objects


“Supreme’s objects are memes in the form of product design, created to smash together unexpected references. And the degree to which they have surfed the Internet’s appetite for absurdity has only grown over the years.

The glue that holds this network of objects together is Supreme’s distinctive logo.

The simplicity and loudness of this marking seems purpose-built for the small screens and short attention spans of digital media, a context that continues to pour gasoline on the brand’s worldwide conflagration.”

032c Interview

3) HSBC’s new satirical TV Ad

HSBC are on a roll with a new ad featuring Richard Ayoade, which encourages people not to succumb to the bombardment of negative economic and world news, and to instead, be optimistic throughout challenges. It finishes with him flying into the unknown in a one-man gyrocopter.

In a seemingly never-ending period of FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt), HSBC’s ads are bringing some much-needed personality into the banking sector. They’re also tapping into cultural and political points of interest, from gender to Brexit, nodding to the very real, day-to-day, conversations and concerns of their customers.

4) SPYCE – Robotic Restaurant

Led by Michelin Chefs Daniel Boulud and Sam Benson, Spyce is the world’s first restaurant featuring a robotic kitchen, that cooks complex meals at $7.50 in three minutes or less.

There are legitimate concerns regarding robots and the potential levels of human unemployment - but for all those who fear the robots, there are time-pressed millennials welcoming them with open arms.

5) Trend to Watch – SLEEP

Sleep is the new frontier in wellness. Busier lifestyles and an increased emphasis on the importance of sleep for cognition, mood and long-term health are key drivers of growth in the sleep aid market.

“Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our life, health and longevity and yet it is increasingly neglected in 21st century society, with devastating consequences.”
(Matthew Walker, author of bestseller ‘Why We Sleep’)

The value of the global sleep aid market is forecast to reach £64.2bn by the end of 2020, according to Persistence Market Research. Brands are enhancing or repositioning their products for a better night’s sleep.

American Airlines
American Airlines

New York City-based mattress company Casper is teaming up with American Airlines to offer new in-flight sleeping products.

Dirty Lemon
Dirty Lemon

Dirty Lemon’s Sleep drink features lemon juice and rosewater infused with herbal extracts and magnesium glycinate, which is known to reduce anxiety and aid sleep. Its influencer-friendly bottles are intended to be drunk daily before bed.

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