WEEK: 06.08.18

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a round up of what's dropped in the last seven days, brought to you by the Culture & Strategy team at LOVE.

IKEA Toybox AR App

IKEA has created an experimental mobile app that demonstrates how to turn excess cardboard into children’s playthings.

The app not only helps re-purpose cardboard, it gives children the opportunity to create and play because ‘every IKEA design has a careful thought inside it, backed by a vision to create a better everyday life at home’.


For children growing up in a world surrounded by digital media, finding creative ways to play is an issue for families. IKEA’s app, which re-uses cardboard packaging generated by its products, is a crafty way of giving waste material a second life as a creative project.

Grand Theft Auto X Virtual DJ’s

Virtual worlds, digital avatars and robots are becoming increasingly common. Cult video game Grand Theft Auto are the latest to capitalise on the hype, introducing a virtual nightclub as part of an upgrade due in July, with DJs Solomun, Dixon, Tale Of Us and The Black Madonna as its residents.

As brands move into virtual spaces, the possibilities for in game activations and ‘live’ events are inching ever closer.

Purified Air Makes Stella McCartney’s Retail Space ‘The Cleanest Air In London’


It’s been quite a year for the British fashion designer Stella McCartney. First, she designed Meghan Markle’s wedding reception dress and now she has opened a store with ‘the cleanest air in London’.

It was found that levels of nitrogen dioxide inside stores on Oxford Street in London are similar levels to those at street level. McCartney’s new store decided to add an air filtration system, which removes 95% of all airborne pollutants and traffic fumes.

Fashion brands are increasingly taking a stand and helping in the fight against the world’s environmental problems.

Seed Bearing Lollies

As we all attempt to do our bit for the planet, some brands are having a go at offsetting their carbon footprint by including seeds in their packaging for people to plant at home. Introducing biophilia and nature into consumer lives is a great way to keep brands front of mind and offset the delivery and manufacturing process of their products.

Amborella Organics
Amborella Organics

These lollipops from @amborellaorganics have the added bonus of biodegradable, plantable sticks, which contain seeds that can be the start of your new herb garden.

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