WEEK: 13.07.18

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a roundup of what's dropped in the last seven days, brought to you by the Culture & Strategy team at LOVE.  

Like & Subscribe (if you’re influential enough) 

Do you have 20K+ followers or a verified tick? No? Well then you won’t be able to view this super exclusive mural wall on Melrose Ave.   

Only the social media elite (eye roll) can visit this art wall after showing the security guard their social media account. Once access is granted, influencers enter the private tent and pose in front of a pair of angel wings. #content 

It’s obviously been a big ol’ stunt, and pretty funny seeing people taking it really seriously, but this week we found out it was to promote a new series called ‘Like & Subscribe’ all about ‘the hardest working and most important people in America, Influencers’.     

Monzo Offers Banking to struggling members of society 

Participating in society starts with a bank account. Without one you can’t find a place to rent, get a mobile phone, or be officially paid for work.  

Challenger bank, Monzo wants to help give bank accounts to refugees, recent immigrants and homeless people. 

With less trust in the public sector, businesses like Monzo are increasingly stepping in and acting as forces for good within society.  

Find out more here

#Merky Books 

Grime artist Stormzy is collaborating with Penguin books to help aspiring writers become authors, creating a home for a new generation of voices.

“I know too many talented writers that don’t always have an outlet or a means to get their work seen and hopefully #Merky Books can now be a reference point for them to say, “I can be an author” and for that to be a realistic and achievable goal. Reading and writing as a kid was integral to where I am today”.   

KFC’s Edible Packaging

As sustainability remains high on our agendas, KFC Hong Kong are taking zero waste to the next level with their edible wrappers.  

The cult-favourite Double Down Burger will be wrapped in rice paper, printed with edible ink in KFC’s signature Zinger flavour.    

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