WEEK: 19.10.18

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Gentle Monster X Kanye West

Gentle Monster
Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster has teased their upcoming music and visual album entitled “13” produced by Kanye West and Malik Yusef.

Despite Kanye’s recent torrent of headlines, we can’t knock his hunger for collaboration (last month he took on the role of creative director for the annual Pornhub awards, cladding celebrities of the porn world in head-to-toe Yeezy.)

Gentle Monster are the masters of blending product with conversation, art and culture, especially for the digital age.

4 trends for Casual Dining


McCain’s, the friendly potato brand, have released an annual casual dining report. Here’s some interesting stats.

- We just want the best
Searches for ‘best’ on Google – like ‘best burger’ or ‘best fries’ – rose by 80% this year.

- Lighter indulgence
50% of diners say they consider whether a healthy option will be available when choosing where to dine out.


- Craft beer at dinner
Over the past decade the number of breweries in the UK has almost doubled, rising to over 2000 for the first time since the 1930s.

Craft beer is mainstreaming - no longer niche or reserved for the hipster circuit. As consumers choose to “drink less, but better” when eating out, restaurants are increasingly moving to offer bespoke and varied beer lists, as a counterpoint to the more traditional wine list.

Maniac’s Imagined Technology

Image Source: Entertainment Voice
Image Source: Entertainment Voice

Maniac, Netflix’s trippy new series is set in a retro-future, dominated by weird technologies that never quite made it to market.

Take Adbuddy, this is targeted advertising taking its logical next step; a company that lets you pay for other products and services by listening to some schlub read advertisements to you. Can’t afford a train ticket? Ride with an AdBuddy. Hungry? AdBuddy will pay for your lunch — if you listen to advertisements while you eat.

Another equally depressing tech-inspired service is FriendProxy, a fictional company that lets you hire strangers to pretend to be your close friends. As one customer notes, “I have real friends, this is just more convenient.” It may sound like science fiction, but services like FriendProxy are already real and thriving in Japan.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s WeChat Enabled Launch

Luxury Italian menswear brand Ermenegildo Zegna unveiled a WeChat interactive partnership in Shanghai, to celebrate the launch of its latest XXX collection.

Image Source: WGSN
Image Source: WGSN

Invitees were sent a digital invitation via WeChat, along with a unique QR code which activated a micro-chip enabled leather wristband on entry.

These wristbands synced with the attendees’ WeChat accounts to unlock a number of experiences throughout the venue. For example, ‘Progressive’ where they could make their own music video, or ‘Creative’ where attendees could create digital graffiti.

On completion of the experience, the brand were able to give attendees personalised product recommendations. All products within the event were available to take home, shoppable via QR code.

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