WEEK: 27.7.18

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a roundup of what's dropped in the last seven days, brought to you by the Culture & Strategy team at LOVE.

Tiffany & Co’s Refreshing New Covent Garden Store

Tiffany & Co’s new store in Covent garden waves goodbye to the somewhat stuffy, old world jewellery shop conventions – reimagining luxury retail for a new generation of consumers. Dubbed the ‘anti-luxury’ store, Tiffany & Co have gone for a younger, more playful direction with neon signs, vending machines and a relaxed, casual staff uniform.

Clear Coca Cola is Here and so are Ice Vending Machines to Dispense it

The playground myth that Coca-Cola is actually green and dyed a caramel colour was debunked years ago. However, in Japan a new drink, manufactured by Coca-Cola has deviated from their iconic caramel hue by removing colour completely. The drinks manufacturer has developed a clear, lemon flavoured Coca Cola that promises the flavor and fizz of the classic beverage without the calories or the tooth stain.

The new clear coke went down a storm on social media. Coca Cola even developed a transparent­ ice vending machine to dispense their new product at a Tokyo pop-up.

Is Casper’s New ‘Nap Bar’ the start of a napping revolution?

A lunchtime kip may be coming sooner than you think. Caspar, the direct-to-consumer ‘millennial’ mattress brand have launched an activation dubbed the ‘Dreamery’ – a series of sleep pods located in the Soho neighbourhood of Manhattan.

Busy city workers and jet lagged tourists can rent a pod at $25 per 45minutes – complete with pyjamas, luxury face washes and calming music.

“We’re very much trying to destigmatize sleep and napping, by creating a delightful experience where people look forward to coming and sleeping.” says Eleanor Morgan, SVP of experience at Casper.

As we become more aware of self-care and wellness, brands that enable people to become healthier, smarter and more in-tune with their wellbeing will thrive.

Uber introduces mini convenience stores into their cars

In the US, hungry Uber riders can now buy a pack of crisps in the back of their ride. The car sharing firm has partnered with Cargo, a company that installs compact convenience store offerings into the car.

Riders are able to quickly and easily pay through an app, with drivers receiving a percentage of the sale.

Our fast-paced lives are driving the need for smart convenience solutions, which we’re seeing in the form of micro-retail.

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