WEEK: 01.06.18

Glossier's Sustainable Furniture

At @sightunseen’s NYCxDesign event ‘OFFSITE’, furniture designer Kim Markel collaborated with cult beauty brand Glossier. Markel turned Glossier’s used packaging into a millennial pink sustainable furniture collection.

The collaboration demonstrates Glossier’s dedication to staying relevant in their customers lives, whether it be through creativity, tapping into culturally relevant topics (sustainability, supporting local female designers) or branching out to become more ingrained in their consumers routine.


Op-Ed | The Dark Side of Social Media

“The fact is: to be a hyper-connected millennial today is to exist in multiple realities. To be both present within and outside of your own experiences, living them while simultaneously observing them; and assessing their shareability.

All of us are publishers, seeking opportunities for storytelling, producing daily content to the point that we’re almost convinced that our Instagram feeds are a truer representation of ourselves than who we are IRL.”

The Business of Fashion

Helmut Lang’s New Dating Service Launches On Instagram

Helmut Lang are reinvigorating their archive through a 90s inspired dating show, reworked as a series of 12 Instagram personal ads. The VHS stills, shot by Alex Lee, are reminiscent of the softly lit headshots from late 80s and early 90s Love Connection episodes.

For luxury fashion establishments, a runway show and print campaign alone won’t cut it anymore. In an increasingly competitive social-media focused landscape, in order to compete with the likes of Gucci, brands must also consider their social strategy to stay relevant.

Helmut Lang

Raquel’s Dream House

At this years NYCxDesign ‘Raquel’s Dream House’ brought the popular Instagram account @ettoresottsaas to life, exploring 80s and 90s Italian design, as well as focusing on emerging artists. Despite being sneered at by art critics for being merely ‘a backdrop for selfies’, rather than a true piece of interior curation, the space is incredibly popular.

As well as being an exhibition, the four-story pop-up in Soho is a retail space. As things sell, they will be replaced, meaning a constantly evolving exhibition. Raquel’s Dream House is a blogger’s dream; rainbow stairs, pink furry artwork, primary colour memphis Milano furniture and a multicoloured boxing ring.

These photo-baiting exhibitions designed for social media are changing the way people consume design but also change how products are designed. As well as being thought provoking installations, they are serving a dual purpose, providing the perfect backdrop for Instagram.

Raquel’s Dream House

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