WEEK: 08.11.18

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Inside the new secret Hendricks Gin Palace

Steampunk meets Willy Wonka at Hendrick’s brand new gin palace in Scotland. Every drop of Hendricks is distilled within the beautiful laboratories and copper stills of the Gin Palace.

Two hothouses have been installed in order to recreate Mediterranean and rainforest climates, which will grow botanicals and plants impossible to cultivate on Scottish soil.

Gentleman's Journal
Gentleman's Journal

The magic comes from subverting everything we know about a typical gin distillery experience, beautiful tiled floors, long dinner tables, landscaped gardens. Unfortunately for now, the Gin Palace is by invitation only.

Greggs Switch their logo

As fake snow fell and 1000’s gathered to watch the annual unveiling of the Fenwick’s Christmas window display in Newcastle, a bright yellow, blue and white logo appeared on top of a snowman’s head…

The Greggs logo…

Greggs / PA
Greggs / PA

Not to be outdone by Fenwick’s, Greggs flipped their logo so it was the correct way around in the Fenwick’s window reflection.

The ploy also ensured that every photo taken of Fenwick's display contained a reflection of the baker's logo, while the mirror-image lettering also makes it easier for users to take a selfie outside Greggs…

3 Takeaways from Highsnobiety's 'New Luxury’ event:

1. Bullshit radar / Jeehae Kim, head of digital at luxury leather goods brand MCM says: ‘Millennials have a high bullshit radar. A brand can’t pretend to be something it is not. We’re seeing that the new luxury consumer likes challenger brands that put across a strong point of view.’

2. Heritage no longer enough / Andrea Brugnoni, who founded Promenade du Port in Sardinia as an alternative to luxury shopping malls says:Heritage and craftsmanship is no longer enough. In this new world of luxury, brands need to build up playgrounds for collaborations to happen in.’

3. Drop Culture / Dean Cook, menswear buying manager at luxury fashion retailer Browns, says: ‘The past two years have been crazy. Not since the 1970s has consumer behaviour changed so fast and so quickly. Here at Browns we do drops now. So does Apple. In fact, everyone follows the sneaker model. It keeps things hot and alive.’

A$AP Rocky & FKA twigs' Sci-fi Rampage

A$AP Rocky & FKA Twigs’, Fukk Sleep music video is a futuristic rampage through New York.

The two joy ride through the city in luxury outfits, crash a Chinatown jewellery shop, a strip club, and a fancy dinner before the night is through.

The dark imagery, cyberpunk aesthetic and avant-garde fashion plays into our dark side -for those who reject societal constraints and polished social media lifestyles.

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