WEEK: 21.09.18

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a roundup of what's dropped in the last seven days, brought to you by the Culture & Strategy team at LOVE.

History is the New Beauty

Gucci has launched a new Instagram account @guccibeauty that explores global beauty through the centuries.

Rather than influencers and colour swatches, Gucci has employed the work of historical painters and artists to help tell the story of beauty. Ranging from renaissance queens to Indian Kangra paintings, the series of artworks traverse history, gender, cultures and geography.

Curated by creative Director Allessando Michele, the account feels more like a museum than a beauty page and many are anticipating it as a teaser for a new Gucci Beauty line.

The Story of Beauty

Dirty Lemon's new tech enabled store

Drinks brand Dirty Lemon has opened an Amazon-Go style physical store in Tribeca, New York. If you want to get your hands on a bottle of Dirty Lemon, you’ll have to place your order via text, and this store is no different.

“Grab a bottle, send us a txt, move on w/ your life.” Now, thats a refreshing brand talking.

Stores that facilitate seamless transactions are becoming the norm, helping us create more frictionless lives.

Amazon-Go style drinks store

Sony releases nostalgic classic

Sony is re-releasing the iconic Playstation Classic, joining Nintendo and Xbox in releasing classic consoles and games. This Christmas the Playstation Classic will be released in a mini format and preloaded with 20 games.

Games journalist Chella Ramanan told the BBC; “The retro consoles created by Nintendo and Sony appeal to the nostalgia that people have for the 1980s and 1990s, from pop music to TV shows like Stranger Things. They have the aesthetic people want from older technology. There's something charming in the huge, clunky buttons."

Vintage Consoles

Unwind to the Sound of Simmering KFC Gravy

KFC wants us to chill.

Normally set aside for pan pipes, rainforests and gongs, KFC has taken a different approach to mindfulness. The zen stunt consists of hours of relaxing simmering gravy, sizzling bacon and frying chicken sounds.

As wellness and mindfulness become part of our everyday lifestyle, brands are jumping on the back of it, but who says it has to all be so serious?


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