WEEK: 26.10.18

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a roundup of what's dropped in the last seven days, brought to you by the Culture & Strategy team at LOVE.

Gucci - The Artist is present exhibition

Gucci have opened an immersive experience in Shanghai, collaborating with artist Maurizio Cattelan.‘The Artist is Present’ is a mind bending installation that challenges our ideas about copying and originality in art.

In one of the rooms, Cattelan recreated a miniature version of the Cisitine Chapel, another is a “gift shop” full of fake tchotchkes (including a Gucci bag made entirely of Lego). In the corner is a New York Times newspaper dispenser with your parting gift: a “newspaper” called the New Work Times with fake stories about counterfeiting, repetition, and clones.

Unlike traditional exhibitions—which often prohibit the use of mobile phones—“The Artist Is Present” captures Cattelan and Michele’s lighthearted, anti-stuffy shared point of view.


Iridescent Buildings

How do you make a building stand out in a busy city, be an Instagram hotspot and appear differently as the light changes throughout the day?

Iridescent tiled mall.

One of 2018’s biggest material trends has moved from bakery packaging to Louis Vuitton catwalks and now to architecture. This seven story mall in Beijing has captured the attention of eager Chinese bloggers as THE perfect Instagram backdrop.

Shiny shiny

Scrabble 70th Birthday

Scrabble is turning 70 this year. To celebrate, they have tracked down a load of Gen Z influencers including Gully Guy Leo, Jimothy Lacoste and Amelia Dimodenberg (chicken shop dates), to discuss how they use language, slang and the evolution of words.

Scrabble for Gen Z

Louis Vuitton Pop Up

To launch Virgil Abloh’s first collection, Louis Vuitton have opened a pop up shop in London’s Mayfair.

The multicoloured space is themed around the world of The Wizard of Oz, amplified, as white light is refracted through a prism.

Upon entering the townhouse, visitors are directed up a Yellow Brick Road staircase that leads to a giant luminescent trunk, followed by wild forests and poppy fields taken from the iconic musical fantasy film.

Louis Vuitton

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