WEEK: 20.07.18

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WeWork Opens In-Office Retail


After branching into various industries - from fitness to education - WeWork has entered the retail sector with WeMRKT. Based in the brand’s Tribeca co-working space, the store only sells items created by members from its database – from healthy snacks and stationery to branded apparel.

Members who wish to have their products featured (bypassing expensive overheads of brick-and-mortar retail) will have the option to compete with other brands in a quarterly pitch night held by WeWork.

The concept is set to roll-out across WeWork’s US locations, creating a new category of retail space that infiltrates the place consumers spend much of their day – the workplace.

Everyone is going mad for elastic ice-cream

New York based dessert start-up Republic of Booza is bringing a traditional Middle Eastern ice cream called Booza, to the Western Market.

Best known for its elastic properties and resistance to melting, Booza was developed over 500 years ago in the Eastern region of the Mediterranean. Created using two main ingredients, sahlab (ground orchid root) and mastic (a resin), the formula provides a smoother and denser texture to ice cream.

Republic of Booza
Republic of Booza

The density of Booza means that it already has more flavour than other forms of ice cream and is traditionally only served in one neutral cream flavour. The store, opening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, looks to change this by serving over 30 classic and experimental flavours, ranging from Vanilla and Pistachio to Saffron Peppercorn and Coconut Matcha.

Yayoi Kusama will debut a new, larger ‘Infinity Mirror Room’ in London

A Yayoi Kusama exhibition is set to open in London’s Victoria Miro this year including works from the artist’s acclaimed series, My Eternal Soul. The exhibit will showcase new paintings and sculptures, and visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a large-scale Infinity Mirror Room, created specifically for the show.

The Japanese artist exhibited her Mirror Rooms at the same space back in 2016 — and became one of the most Instagrammable exhibitions of that year, filling feeds with spotted pumpkins and polka dots.

This is Kusama’s twelfth exhibition at the Victoria Miro gallery, and in 2020 she will create her first permanent UK installation for the new Crossrail station at Liverpool Street.

Nike collaborate with Vogue & Anna Wintour on Air Jordan for Women

Sneaker News
Sneaker News

We’ve seen Jordan collabs before, lots of them, but this is the first of its kind - specifically designed with women in mind.

The shoes are stamped on the tongue and sole with AWOK, which stands for "Anna Wintour Okay", her well known seal of approval. The shoes also feature tweed accents - a homage to Wintour’s signature Chanel suits.

This collaboration is part of Nike’s continuing efforts to advertise more to women and be more inclusive of female “sneakerheads”, who are typically underserved by the market.

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