WEEK: 17.08.18

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a roundup of what's dropped in the last seven days, brought to you by the Culture & Strategy team at LOVE.

CBD Drinks

As the perceived benefits of CBD become more widespread, an increased number of brands are using it as an active ingredient in their products. US drinks brand Dirty Lemon have added a CBD variety to their list of millennial favourites, including collagen, charcoal, matcha and ginseng.

Inspired by the popular 'Pineapple Express' strain, Dirty Lemon stress 'CBD is a calming, non-psychoactive blend formulated with the highest quality CBD from the cannabis plant.

You won't get high drinking this beverage. Expect mild euphoria, full body relaxation, and a clear head.

Good luck getting hold of a bottle however, the drinks which cost $65 for a six pack, sold out in just two days, making it the company’s strongest drink debut ever.

How to Sell a Newspaper

Last year, cult streetwear brand Supreme released a branded brick, originally sold at $30, now going for $1000+ on eBay. The power of their iconic logo knows no bounds.

For their latest stunt they bought a full front page ad in the New York Post. Dedicated fans and resellers (who charge up to 10x the retail price) rushed to their local bodegas on the morning of its release, in the hopes of snatching up a copy.

Fans are now paying up to $20 for a copy of the latest New York Post. Supreme truly influences culture, when was the last time scores of 16-25 year olds searched the city at the crack of dawn to buy a newspaper?

McDonalds or Apple

Table service, mobile order pay and delivery, on top of a commitment to sustainability with solar panels and over 70 trees. This is not an apple store, but the McDonald’s of the future. Built in Chicago, this new McDonalds is set to become a blueprint for the future of the company.

David Vilkama, McDonald’s global creative director stated “We don’t need to be loud anymore, we’re trying to move away from the old, cheap, plasticky, in-your-face fast food culture.”

So is this a turning point for the brand, embracing the big glassy future of fast food, or will it alienate die hard Big Mac fans?

Gentle Monster lands from space in London

South Korean cult eyewear brand Gentle Monster are well known for their captivating retail environments - each completely unique in design and more akin to an art gallery than a retail space.

This week, they opened their first store off Carnaby Street in London. The concept features a tribe of extra-terrestrial creatures inspired by the practice of KUNG FU. Gentle Monster’s aliens however must be taught the ways of Kung Fu via robot sensei’s.

Gentle Monster clearly invest a lot of time, money and resource into making these creative retail environments - showing that in an ever increasingly digital world, they still truly believe in the power of physical retail.

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