WEEK: 31.8.18

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a roundup of what's dropped in the last seven days, brought to you by the Culture & Strategy team at LOVE.

YSL beauty hotel

YSL is launching a ‘beauty hotel’ in New York for fashion week. Despite the activation being dubbed a hotel, its really a series of Instagrammable rooms, including a rooftop pop up shop, a beauty cafe and indoor pool.

It feels like we’ve seen this concept before, with Converse’s One Star Hotel and more recently in Asia with Chanel’s Game Centre. As the staged photo opportunity starts to feel a little played out, we’ll be interested to see what’s next for brands creating ‘made-for-Instagram’ experiences.

Beauty Hotel

OK Google Ghost

OK Google created a pop-up haunted house in Japan's eclectic capital city, with, as you guessed it, everything powered by Google’s voice assistant. Details of the house and further instructions were supplied via secret voice commands - to start, speak the phrase "Obakeyashiki ni Tsuretette" as accurately as possible to access the map. Google kept the experience fresh by changing the design throughout the week of the activation, ensuring returning visitors left with new experiences each time.

The Last Blockbuster Beer

The last Blockbuster outlet left standing, in Bend, Oregon, has teamed up with craft brewer 10 Barrel to create a limited edition beer that ‘pairs perfectly with buttery theatre popcorn and your favourite movie-sized chocolate’.

The aptly named “The Last Blockbuster” black ale will be available at 10 Barrel’s ten pubs.

Blockbuster Beer

KFC China

KFC’s newly launched ‘In Transit Oasis’ eateries serve as a recharging stop across major airport terminals in Asia. The first outlet opened in Wuhan airport’s new terminal, and others are under construction in Beijing’s new Capital Airport, Tianjin Binhai Airport and Hohhot International Airport.

KFC aren’t the only fast food chain creating more premium experiences for their customers, last week we saw McDonald’s getting in on the act with their new ‘Apple’ store concepts.

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