This week our Packaging Creative Director Sam Wilkes, shares the body confident queens lighting up her Insta feed.

A Drag Queen, Comedian, Artist & Yoga Teacher 

Before I start, it’s important to note I’m not a feminist or wellbeing junkie. But, the social media world we live in has become saturated with how we should look, what we should be eating, and what we should be wearing.

I say, ‘good for you’ and your perfectly curated Instagram. But, what really gets me going and inspired is people who are real, honest and damn right funny.

Here's a selection of my favourite people doing just that. 

1) Celeste Barber


“OK ladies, time to take our clothes off and prove a point” from the comical, self-deprecating genius from down under.

Since 2015, Celeste Barber has been putting her own spin on social photos and videos, with her parodies poking fun at the dramatic poses that most models and influencers strike. 

Although her parodies started as an inside joke, they’ve since catapulted her to internet fame, with people sending in challenges to recreate. 

Check out her Instagram @celestebarber or send in your own challenge → 


2) Nola Trees


A few weeks ago, I went to a yoga retreat where pretty much everyone had on a pair of cosmic Lululemon leggings and could do a perfectly balanced arm thingy.

I kept telling myself “it’s the giving it a go that counts”, even if I could barely lift my toe off the ground.

It’s not a criticism to all the yogis out there with their perfectly crafted bodies, all able to strike a bird pose without falling. But, where’s the realness in this?

Nola is an inspiration for those who are body conscious, showing how anything really is possible.

Check out her Instagram @nolatrees or follow the hashtag #nolatrees.

3) Eureka O’Hara


Body positivity doesn’t have to be so female focused.

I happen to be a massive RuPaul Drag Race fan (I mean a serious fan). What I love and appreciate is the artistry that goes into the makeup and incredible fashion design, transforming men into beautiful women. 

David Huggard’s alter ego ‘Eureka O’Hara’ radiates what it means to have body confidence. She embraces her full figure, and with it carries so much charm, humour and style.

She’s loud and proud and I love her for it. Let’s start a PHAT boy riot.

Check out her Instagram @eurekaphara


4) Cecile Dormeau


Every morning, Cecile cheers me up on my way to work. The talented French illustrator Cécile Dormeau depicts the tribulations of adult life in one neat, nuanced illustration.

Her sharp wit creates work that is relatable and thought provoking.

I love how she reveals the vulnerabilities of women whilst celebrating them too, bringing a sense of empowerment to the figures she depicts. You go girl. 

Check out her work @cecile.dormeau 


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