Everyone scrolls through social media and websites looking for interesting and unusual things. If, like me, you're big on music, style, photography, design, TV, films and keeping up with the news, here are three sites you should know about.


I'm sure you're all fully aware of this one. Or at least, you should be.

You'll find me scrolling through Highsnobiety daily to see what's new in music, fashion, design, art, photography, and sport. They reference the best of the best, with interviews, documentaries and new drops from the world's greatest brands.


Cool Material

Cool Material is another gem. This website brings to light the most amazing places to travel to, TV series' and films you mightn't have heard of, and just generally, cool stuff you should know about.

Take for instance, did you know that New York Public Library now allow their followers to read classic novels through Instagram stories?

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed
80's inspired room available via airbnb

Also, if you like cars and alcohol brands, there's plenty of eye candy to gaze over too.


Art Station

Being in the world of 3D, I’m always looking at different software to create the best and most realistic images.

There are so many great artists, modellers and lighting specialists in the world.

One of my favourite artists is ‘Wojtek Fus’ who has worked on some big-time games such as Halo, Detroit, Star Wars, Battlefront, The Walking Dead and Destiny.

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