This week our 3-D Creative Head Amy Brown shares the interior magazines and Insta accounts giving her all the feels.

Magazine - FRAME

I studied architecture at university and during my masters developed a specific interest in interiors. This publication is a great roundup of both, bringing together some very current trends in the built environment.

FRAME is accessible, image-friendly, and reports on pressing and challenging issues surrounding 3-D design.

The latest issue tackles how retail stores have become destinations, how hospitality experiences are looking sideways to other disciplines and how offices are looking at human-centric design and our emotional response; all topics which we discuss at LOVE as part of our 3-D projects.

Check out their website here.


This is my go-to for all things hotel, retail, food and beverage focused from all over the world. I’ve been specialising particularly in food and beverage design for the last seven years, so this blog provides a great snapshot of new places to go when I travel.

I am that annoying travel companion who will always walk an extra mile or four to find THAT restaurant, and then spend most of my time taking pictures of food and interiors for future reference.

One of my biggest passions is travel, and Pauline’s city guides (along with Wallpaper) are great design focused travel aids. I downloaded the Hong Kong Guide last year when I was lucky enough to visit and found some absolute gems like Potato Head with a hidden music room playing vinyl after hours.

For more insight, check out their:





I’m always on the hunt for new inspirational feeds on interiors. Recently I bought a Victorian terrace and I’m currently obsessed with all things home related. I'm interested in classic home interiors which are timeless but I also love spaces which show personality.

I’ve collected lots of bits from my travels, ideas from various commercial projects I’ve worked on and then thrown in a few wildcard birthday presents to my home (like my full-sized wall mounted unicorn head) which helps me build a story of things I’ve done, people I’ve met and places I’ve visited.

My friend just introduced me to @mad_about_the_house; an Instagram account focused on home and garden design, written by Kate Watson-Smyth.

Kate has a great blog too and has recently launched a book called "Mad about the house: How to decorate your home” which gives great analogies for finding your personal style and injecting design which will make you smile every day.

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