Today's ZINE is a big up to some top-notch women who are fighting sexism in stand-up comedy and bringing some much-welcomed diversity to the genre.

They're telling their stories on their terms. They're bold and unapologetic. And hilarious.

Here are 3 of my current favourites, however, this is just a snapshot of the quality female acts out there.

First on the bill...


Famed for the success of her hit debut show ‘What Would Beyonce Do?’, and more recently ‘Am I Right Ladies?’ - her act is centred around loathing self-depreciation and body shaming, and her experiences of mental health, all delivered in a touchingly honest, gloriously upbeat manner.

Luisa tells her story with energy and familiarity, like your best mate recounting something that happened just yesterday - but with all the craft of a pro.

Check out her shows, and if you like what you see she’s touring again with new material debuting at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and touring nationwide until December.

Check out her website here.


Think stand-up comedy, and your average preconceptions wouldn’t conjure up a 36-year-old pregnant woman in her third trimester.

Her shows ‘Baby Cobra’ and more recently 'Hard Knock Wife’ are unapologetic, nasty depictions of pregnancy and motherhood.

In 'Hard Knock Wife’ her real talk is beautifully balanced by a very obvious willingness to do it all again.

Catch out her Netflix link here.


Her Netflix episode Nanette was and still could be her swan song from stand-up comedy.

She describes herself as tired. She's disenfranchised with stand-up comedy, and the surrounding world who judge her for being a lesbian.

However, this, her first recorded Netflix special has been hailed groundbreaking by peers, critics and audiences alike.

This isn't your everyday stand-up show, it's certainly not a lighthearted lol a minute.

Don't worry, there are jokes. Great jokes. But they come with a gravity that leaves you questioning and hoping for better.

Hannah Gadsby - Nanette.

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