Representing ZINE this Wednesday is our office manager Zoey Barnes.

Coming straight from the world of drama, here are three things that keep her fire burning, from role models and practitioners to the resources she digs.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Vicky Jones.

The two pals who founded new writing company DryWrite at the pub after Vicky had been sacked from a directing job and Phoebe walked out in solidarity.

Phoebe wrote the first 10-minute version of Fleabag in a workshop just to make Vicky laugh, and that ended up being her ‘big break’.

I find this approach incredibly liberating. Just think, what would you make if you were only trying to impress your best mate?

Recently, both have worked on Killing Eve which I’m sure we can all agree is bloody marvellous. And I’m not jealous, like, at all.


Mike Alfreds.

Alfreds’ book 'Different Every Night: Freeing the Actor' has become scripture for many of us theatre folk.

He believes we should make the most of theatre’s unique live and 3D aspects in a world dominated by digital media.

(Almost) gone are the days where actors polish a fixed performance, then repeat that each night to an audience who only attend because they think theatre-going makes them look clever.

Our mate Mike suggests that the phrase ‘bored to death’ comes from watching bad theatre.

“Boredom in the theatre really does seem to threaten us with imminent mortality, no doubt because we are being deprived of the very thing we came to the theatre for: a strong dose of undiluted, unpolluted vitality: human energy – a fix of life itself.”

Once we've gotten to grips with the script, we must “embrace life’s intrusions creatively, rather than trying to block them out”, seeing as theatre is live, “life has a way of breaking in on it.”

To put this concept into practice, pretend for a minute I’m playing Lady Macbeth.

I’m reading Macbeth’s letter, then, thinking it’s going to be silent, I fart audibly.

I could carry on reading, just as I did the night before and endure the awkward chuckling and the building tension in the room as I hope to god no one can smell it.

Alternatively, I could shoot the messenger a quick ‘tell anyone and your head comes off’ look; using that little ‘intrusion’ to create a spontaneous, funny and authentic moment.

I prevent it from being a distraction away from the story and incorporate it especially for that one audience, that one night.

I love working in this improvisatory way as it honours the audience and brings the freedom and creativity back to what is in danger of becoming a dated and stuffy medium.

Mike Alfreds has performed some serious mouth-to-mouth and we’re all grateful for it.



At HOME, there’s always something original and fresh on at a decent price. Whether its film, theatre or art.

I’ve got my tickets booked for The Maids; “A deadly game of ritual, role-play and rubber gloves".

It’s based on a true story about the murderous Papin sisters.

Click here to see what else is coming up. what else is coming up.

I sincerely urge you to have a dig about and see what’s on at a theatre near you.

There really is nothing like cheap, filthy live performance.

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