Here’s what our PR & Marketing Manager Emily Dunlop has been reading this week. 

1) Backstage talks

One of the best magazines to arrive through my letterbox this year is Backstage Talks; an interview-based magazine, exploring how design can change business for better by making it both useful and beautiful.

The magazine is filled with interviews between creative authorities like Mr Bingo and Annina Koskinen – Design Director at Spotify – all taken backstage at a Design Conference in Slovakia.

What’s special is that the magazine focuses on dialogues instead of giving the speakers a platform to brag. As opposed to discussing anyone’s portfolio, the narrative delves into ideas, mental frameworks and workflows, which is handy food for thought for any hungry professional.

In an almost off-record and authentic manner, the magazine offers an eye into the life and ideas of each guest, spread across pages of interviews with big pull out quotes and engaging language that will draw you in from start to finish.

2) huck


The bi-monthly magazine that focuses on various radical cultures, has released its latest edition - ‘The coming of age issue’.

Exploring the magical moments when things click into place, the latest issue is filled with mesmerising characters from all over the world, sharing how inspiration, experiences and a sense of identity has brought them to feel the way they do today.

3) Frankie


With so many magazines available today (whoever said print was dead), it’s nice to find a beautiful magazine that covers all my favourite themes, from fashion and travel to interiors and music, all under one pretty cover.


The content of the magazine covers the breadth of our creative landscape, so you’ll be sure to read an article or five that stick with you for weeks to come.

Head to page 91 to read my favourite, ‘into the wild’; an exploration in escaping city or suburban living and gandering off for a wild adventure, sleeping out beneath the stars. I’ve always wanted to do this, so it’s time to put a plan to action.

If you do too, pay particular attention to the ‘How not to be a dickhead camper’ section, for your own or someone else’s benefit, of course.

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