In issue #5, our Senior Account Manager Talitha shares all the things she's enjoying listening to, seeing and doing this week. 


I’m a fiend for podcasts. If I’m walking, commuting, cooking, or gardening, you can bet I'll be listening. I choose podcasts over traditional media to understand what’s going on in the world. To me, it’s a more open platform for discussion and freedom of speech. 

Here are the top four podcasts I'm listening to. 

1. The Week Unwrapped

Olly Mann discusses (with a panel) what’s happened each week that hasn't hit the headlines which could be significant in the future. Looking beyond the traditional media headlines, issues are debated from both a left and right leaning perspective. 

2. Don’t Salt My Game 

Laura Thomas PHD nutritionalist leads the charge on anti-diet culture by cutting through the lies pedalled in Western culture with scientific facts. 

Her recent episode with Oli Williams looks at inequality in health from a sociological perspective and how public health organisations' approach could be improved. 

It’s a long 2 hour session but will seriously stop and make you think differently about attitudes to food and size in our society. 

I believe we will see a revolution in anti-diet culture as younger consumers become further disillusioned by the status quo. 

3. About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

From the author of ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’ this continues the conversation about institutional and societal racism. 

In her podcast, she talks to everyone from community movements, actors and politicians who are trying to make a change. 

I saw Reni talk last year and found her perspective refreshing. Her call to action about creating your own agenda is especially challenging yet inspiring.  

4. Yeah But It’s Not As Simple As That by Vice

The premise of the podcast is ‘asking questions which aren’t simple to Google’. Short, thought provoking ideas from the link between knife crime and squabbles on WhatsApp to gentrification of areas previously inhabited by immigrant communities. 


Creatively; inclusive theatre and contemporary dance are my passion - broadening perspectives on what’s possible and what, for me, defines what art is. 

Graeae Theatre take challenging subject matters to debate through both devised and existing plays. All pieces are fully accessible to everyone but this doesn’t define the company - it shows how designing for all enhances everyone’s experience. 

Graeae are debuting their latest production'THIS IS NOT FOR YOU' at Greenwich + Docklands International Festival. You can view a really powerful trailer here.
My favourite dance piece I’ve seen over the last year was Candoco’s double bill Face In and Let’s Talk About Dis. Like Graeae, Candoco are a collective of able bodied and disabled performers producing brilliant productions but not defined by their impairment. Candoco are currently on tour in Croatia and the UK. 


As resident Yoga geek, my go-to YouTuber is Shona Vertue. She does everything from a 7 mins abs workout to an chilled evening yoga practice. 

If you like running and playing an active role in your community, check out Good Gym;  combining volunteering to support people near you whilst getting some exercise. 

For example, run to the local shop and pick up the papers for someone who can't get there easily. 

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