Issue #7 of ZINE sees our Interior Designer Rebecca share her favourite coffee table reads. 

1. Oh Comely 

I’m a lover of digital illustrations, and the Oh Comely covers never fail to pull me in. Especially this months issue, designed by Julia Hermansson.

Oh Comely is produced by a small team of writers and artists, and you can totally tell through their personal tone of voice and playful curation.

Throughout the magazine, you'll stumble across things to fill your shopping baskets, add to your reading list and keep you inspired even after reading. 

One of my favourites from this months is 'Why you’re already enough’ written by ‘The Slumflower’ who started the movement #saggyboobs matter. Perfect for this months issue which celebrates women who embrace who they are and what they stand for.

This issue is full of stories from real people which you can relate to; no gossip, no speculation and no judgemental journalism. 

A refreshing change from the trashy mags that laden the shelves of most newsagents. 

2. 91 Magazine

Perfect for a home renovation or refresh....

I always find there's a battle with practical mass-produced products and ensuring your home feels unique and personal. 91 Magazine is great for striking the balance as it's full of independent makers and artists.

The magazine focuses on interiors and creative spaces, with a close connection to the online creative community, meaning you'll find plenty of interior tours with homeowners, cafes and shop owners too. 

And of course, everyone loves finding extra Instagram accounts to follow, don't they? So trust me, there are plenty in here. 


A go-to magazine for the interiors industry is ICON - a zine full of articles relevant to the design world.

ICON is full of adverts which would normally put me off any magazine, but I get the feeling they really know their audience as the pages are filled with product launches and new interior suppliers that I'm actually super interested in. It also means I keep on top of what and who is new to the scene. 

This months issue largely focuses on plastic use, and one article in particular which struck a chord is ‘Crimes Against Design’ - a feature that touches upon the use of lanyards across trade shows. This seems pretty relevant as ICON was one of the media and event partners at this year's Clerkenwell Design Show. 

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