Today’s ZINE is led by our PR & Marketing Manager Emily whose theme is based around “community”.

I grew up in North Wales but lived away for a lot of my late teens to mid 20’s in Leeds, Berlin and then London. It wasn’t until I moved back up north that I discovered how much power there is in a 'community'.

Here are some of the best people and platforms I know and follow, all loving what they do and spreading good vibes.

Joshua Coombes

Joshua Coombes is on a mission. To humanise and help those less fortunate as part of his wider social media campaign #DoSomethingForNothing.

The campaign which he founded in 2015, encourages others to do as he does; exchanging something to help someone in need, for nothing.

It was when Coombes started documenting the free haircuts he gives to homeless people around the world that got me hooked.

Patrolling the streets with only a pair of scissors and a camera, Coombes offers free haircuts to anyone who wants one. He notes their stories and depicts their personalities before uploading a before and after pic to Instagram.

What I love most is that Coombes has made me re-assess how I think on a daily basis. Living in a big city, you can feel yourself become desensitised to scenes you see every time you walk down the street. It’s good to take a step back and think.

Visit @joshuacoombes for more.

Tortoise Magazine

Before moving to Manchester, I lived for almost four years in Chester. To me, it’s a kind of hometown. It’s the neighbouring city to where I grew up in North Wales.

When Tortoise launched early last year, I became a little prouder to say I lived there.

Chester is a small city that suffers from its limitations. Its cliques. Its deeply embedded ways of doing things. The ways that white, stuffy and privileged people do things.

A way that isn’t reflective of the small but growing collective of creatives and drivers of change, who live there.

Introducing Tortoise; a publication that highlights some of the lesser-known but way cooler things going on in the city.

Visit the Tortoise website or check out their insta @tortoisechester.


I couldn’t do a ZINE based around ‘community’ without talking about my best mate Sarah Hellen, and her precious baby JWRNAL - which by the way, she runs alongside her main 9 to 5 day job.

JWRNAL is a platform dedicated to Wales which celebrates people, places, products and processes. A place to showcase the makers and the ‘doers’ in Wales that inspire conversation, community spirit and storytelling.

Photo credit: Heather Birnie

Here’s a short extract from the ‘editor’s page’ of JWRNAL #1 - the first coffee table magazine she’s just published (again, this is her side-hustle guys!!) which showcases the stories and communities of Wales to a wider audience.

“I love packing up my car and driving 100-plus miles through mountains, slate quarries, forestry, along coastlines.

I love the friendly and frequent conversations you have with the postman. You never know your postman in London.

I love it when shops leave a handwritten “back in 10 minutes” sign on the door. I love that the 6 degrees of separation rule is more likely to be 3.

I love the landscape that is so dramatic and so calming at the same time. I love our patriotism. And I love this. Packaging it all up for you to enjoy".

Visit JWRNAL here.

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