This week our Interior Designer Sara Doherty shares the books, Insta accounts and creatives keeping her inspired and 'in the know' right now.


Mid Century Modern Architecture and Design is my absolute favourite. Pretty much anything from the early 40’s to late 70’s is a hit with me.

Mid-century Everything provides a wide range of (mostly) interior design images, prints, and photographs from that era, as well as some inspired contemporary approaches.

Design trends often emerge and re-emerge decades later, and this is a great example of that. Having recently bought a house, my new found hobby is now sifting through this page, basking in interior inspiration and trying to spot the difference between the contemporary and classic shots.

So many aspects of this era have remained timeless and true to form, which for me makes this an Insta account worth looking at!

Check them out: @midcenturyeverything


I’m sure that to many people, the idea of “going for a walk” involves putting on some serious outdoor gear and going out in the wilderness on a hike for several hours.

Although this may (and absolutely can) be the case for some, this book charmingly explains how the act of walking is also an everyday occurrence that can be used to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and generally make us feel better in lots of different ways.

The book is full of short anecdotes by artists, psychologists, speakers, and writers, speaking of their own personal walking experiences and the various positive impacts they've had in their lives.

At the end of each section, there are some handy tips that readers will find useful. Whether it’s strolling through the countryside or marching to and from the train station as part of your commute, walking is marvellous for more reasons than we realise.


Kate Ballis is a photographer from Melbourne who focuses on portrait, lifestyle and travel photography. She describes her work as “combining scale and context to create images that, whilst being wholly grounded in reality, can feel totally other-worldly” - which makes for great viewing pleasure.

All projects are, in my opinion, amazing but my particular favourite is “Infra Realism”, which captures Palm Springs through the lens with an infrared camera and coloured filters.

By using this technique, certain details and aspects of the landscape that are usually lost to their surroundings suddenly become prominent and bold.

It’s a completely extraordinary way of looking at the seemingly ordinary world around us, not to mention the wonderful vibrant pink/blue/red hues. There’s some solid mid century vibes in there too, which I love.

All her work is on the website - Kate Ballis - some of which is available to buy. I’m hoping to populate my house with some very soon.

Check out her instagram: @kateballis

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