Leading ZINE this week is our account manager Charlotte Owen with four creatives she's crushin' over.

Kate Moross

I’ve been a fan of Kate’s vibrant freeform illustration style since 2007.

Kate has worked with some of the biggest and best brands & musicians across illustration, animation, web design, music videos, apps, and typography.

So many fingers. So many pies.

Defo check out Kate’s recent collab with Uniqlo and the most vibrant Instagram account on the planet @katemoross

Yayoi Kusama

Kusama is still killing it at 89. Amongst many other talents, she’s developed her series of infinity mirror room installations since the 1960s.

Creating selfie dreams for the Insta age. She’s not particularly active on Instagram but search #yayoikusamato check out her crazy cool exhibitions.

Kelly Anna

Originally a fashion illustrator, Kelly now works freelance as a print designer & artist.

I love her distinct style of bold abstract graphics and use of vibrant colour palettes. Not to mention the strong AF women depicted in her prints.

Check out her Instagram - @kellyannalondon.

Séamus Gallagher

I can’t stop looking at Séamus’ Instagram, which is full of him interacting with crazy colourful spaces.

He describes himself as an interdisciplinary artist, blending photography with installation & performance. Give him a follow @shameusseamus.

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