This week's ZINE takeover comes courtesy of our creative Laura Boissin.


As a designer, my favourite projects are where I get to work to one defined space; book covers, prints, posters or postcards.

I like how you're forced to distil your "thinking" down to one clever idea, a considered composition, or a beautifully simple illustration.

I’m not exactly known for being succinct with words(!) but with illustration, I’m drawn to a particular style that’s effortlessly elegant, often vector-based and does ‘simple’ so well.

So, in the interest of running with a theme, here’s my selection of the best "postcard-esque" landscapes from my favourite illustrators.

I'll take these pinned up on my wall - or fridge - any day of the week!

Thomas Danthony

Pretty as a postcard, I love this print from Danthony’s exhibition ‘Voyage.’

With its sunset hues and refined geometry not only is it pretty gorgeous, but it also ticks the ‘smile in the mind’ box – that old graphic design 101 – and one I love when done right.

And whilst it is done here quite subtly, it still does it for me. It’s worth checking out his portfolio and recent Magnum campaign for more visual pun magic.

Phone: Thomas Danthony
Phone: Thomas Danthony

Hey Studio

This Barcelona bunch got me again when it comes to the motto "simple is best".

Sometimes so simple, you think you could do it yourself, but look closer and you’ll see just how restrained and considered these prints are; the composition is exactly right, and for me, that’s where the beauty of it lies.

I’ll have all four of these for my walls thanks. (It’s Xmas soon if anyone’s listening).

Photo: Hey Studio
Photo: Hey Studio

Tom Haugomat

This Parisian based illustrator knows how to set the scene when it comes to landscapes.

As well as his commercial work for the likes of Evian and Volkswagen, he’s a sucker for a storybook. And his beautiful graphic novels printed by Nobrow Press are surely worth a spot on your bookshelf.

His mastery of simplicity and negative space is particularly evident in these mountainous landscapes for his book "hors-pistes".

My fav is this one ‘Cable-Car’ which comes with a limited edition paper toy version - bonus.

Phone: Tom Haugomat
Phone: Tom Haugomat

Malika Favre

(aka..the Queen of this "genre")

It’s safe to say her use of geometric forms and swooping curves has influenced many other illustrators along the way.

She’s known for her iconic portraits of red-lipped women (I hope she’s trademarked that by now!) but delve deeper and you’ll see she’s also a landscape pro.

Yes those sexy curves aren’t just reserved for her women. In this dreamy series "Fuerteventura", the flowing contours of the desert dunes intersect with bold diagonals, and her dreamy palette of tans and cerulean blues transport us to warmer climates.

Is it summer yet?

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