This zine is aimed at outlets beyond the 9-5 — A.K.A. the side-hustle. Specifically how they’re used to indulge talents and sharpen skillsets. I’ve always been inspired by doers, not the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s. So this collection is focused on friend’s who’ve moved me with their awesome attitude towards passion projects.


Designer by day, brilliant street photographer by night. Mat’s a man who can, juggling the main hustle designing, with a side-hustle capturing impactful images.

His love for photography on record sleeves is what got him into design and the power of those images is what made him pick up a camera. Like most 9-5’s, he has commercial challenges which the side-hustle allows him to escape from. The freedom it provides is like meditation, offering an opportunity to be completely self-indulgent and dial in his eye as an art director. In a cynical cycle, Mat uses this fresh perspective to make his main hustle work, using the main hustle restrictions to shape his side-hustle content.

Peek his pics @Mat.Thornton


A writer/director working in advertising who also creates OSCAR & BAFTA nominated films in his free time. Mark’s definitely one of the most driven people I’ve met. From humble beginnings, he’s hustled hard to make his passion projects into shorts and full-blown feature films.

Having picked up multiple awards for his short “The Voorman Problem”, featuring Martin Freeman and Tom Hollander, his side-hustle became his main hustle when his script for “England Is Mine” (a film about his hero Morrissey) was given the green light for him to direct.

As a visual storyteller, Mark’s motivation is rooted in celebrating ordinariness. Having strolled down the red carpet and rubbed shoulders with A-list celebrities, he embodies the ethos hustle hard, stay humble. Because in his words “no-one likes a pr*ck”.

Follow his grams @_mark_gill_

@HarryHeptonstall / @PowerAthleteHQ

Narcissistically, I’m lobbing myself in this list. Inspired by those around me, I’ve taken my creative skills and mashed them with my hobby…banging weights. Long story short, a few years back, I hooked up with my 10 year NFL friend, John Welbourn and created a strength and conditioning brand that blends punk with pinnacle performance.

He leaves me to the meme’s and merch and I leave him to all the athletic empowering stuff. It’s a cool collaboration which affords me the opportunity to not only indulge my creative skills but gain perspective from some massively inspirational people in cultural circles I’d never normal mingle with — including Navy Seal’s, Olympic Gold Medalists, World Record holders and White House consultants.

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Moral of the story. Don’t talk about it. Be About it.