Today's ZINE is led by our Senior Account Manager, Holly Bee.

"I love all things horror and thriller, but am also really interested in true crime. Here is the top series, podcast, and film I've seen and enjoyed recently. I think you will too".

1. Series - Sharp Objects

A rough and gritty series based upon the book by Gillian Flynn - author of Gone Girl.

Amy Adams plays Flynn’s trademark troubled female lead, Camille.

Camille returns to her hometown as a journalist to cover the disturbing murders of young girls in the area. Camille’s broken past is slowly uncovered (as well as many of the other characters) as they try to solve the crimes.

You can catch the series on HBO or Now TV.

2. Podcast - Real Crime Profile

Real Crime Profile provides a really interesting perspective on crime documentaries and dramas. The hosts are experts in true and fictional crime with backgrounds at the FBI and New Scotland Yard, whilst also writing and casting for TV crime dramas too.

They discuss ‘famous’ cases and their documentaries or dramatisations, offering very different insights to that seen on TV.

I’d recommend starting with the episodes covering The Staircase, The People vs OJ Simpson and Making a Murderer.

3. Film - A Quiet Place

A massive box office hit, so you've probably heard of it already. But, I still feel it's worth recommending as I love how the tense atmosphere is maintained throughout the whole film.

The film follows a family living in a post-apocalyptic world, hiding from monsters with an acute sense of sound. They struggle to perform simple everyday tasks in silence to stay alive when they stumble upon a new way to fight back.

So, if you like your horrors, here are three killer (excuse the pun) recommendations.

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