Leading the zine takeover this week, Ellen Ling- LOVE Copywriter and one-half of comedy double act 'I'm Not Her Sidekick' - takes to the gram to share the platforms feeding her inspiration and creativity.

Saints of Somewhere – Podcast

This is a proper-class podcast. Kinda like desert island discs, but instead of records, it’s their heroes they talk about – their personal saints. They reveal how they’ve influenced them, and why. It’s such a range of people, from film directors to swimmers, and their influences are all a little unexpected.

My favourite of the series is actually the first guest, Clive Stafford Smith. He’s the death-row lawyer who featured in the amazing documentary ‘14 days in May’, and boy does he make a good listen.

As well as Robin Hood, one of his personal heroes is Ricky Langley, the man he defended for the murder of a child. He talks about how he’s able to defend people who most would right-off as monsters, explaining that we only judge them for the worst 15 minutes of their lives.

He challenges you to think about the worst thing you’ve ever done, the thing you’re most ashamed of, that you wouldn’t want anyone to know. If we knew you only for that, we’d hate and condemn you. So are you a complete write off?

He talks about it much more eloquently, of course. And in a cracking bedtime-story voice.

Riposte – Mag

Billed as ‘A smart magazine for women’, Riposte is just that, a riposte to the trash talk of Grazia-types. It’s full of razor-sharp opinion pieces, interviews and cultural commentary.

I love it because, whilst I am a feminist, this mag doesn’t bash you over the head with it and tell you you’re doing it wrong.

On top of all that, they do events too. I went to one of their all-dayers in London last summer and it was a serious eye-opener. There was a live podcast recording from STANCE about the hierarchy of skin shades in the media, which is definitely worth a listen too.

Rough Trade Books – Books

This is pretty new. But pretty great. Take what you know about the gritty Rough Trade music gig, now imagine if they did books. Voila!

They’ve launched with a series of short pamphlet-vibe shorts ready to rough up any commute. I read ‘Pessimism is for Lightweights’ on holiday a couple of weeks ago and found myself reading (preaching) it aloud to my unsuspecting, sunbathing pals.

I’m working my way through them. Now I’m onto Babak Ganjei’s ‘Film Ideas’, which is a surreal set of film pitches. They’re so bad they’re good. Like, really good.

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