Here's what our Head of Culture, Kat Towers has been reading this week...

1) Broccoli Magazine

The narrative around cannabis culture is changing - as exemplified by the launch of tightly curated publications such as @broccoli_mag. Editor-in-chief Anja Charbonneau, the former art director of independent slow lifestyle magazine Kinfolk, explains that Broccoli is about normalizing cannabis use, especially for women - “No one was speaking to this massive group of women who are creative, driven, intelligent and have a lot of interests outside of weed.”

If you’re into cannabis culture or just love photography, design, stories, lifestyle you should check them out. Look out for Issue 2 which has landed with Hawaiian artist @peggehopperart on the cover.

2) Caricom

Roughly 35% of Premier League players are black, but less than 1% of the people paid to write about them are drawn from black & ethnic minority backgrounds. Caricom magazine explores the space where football and black culture intersect - if that stat didn’t sit right with you give @caricomweb a follow to broaden the narrative of the game

3) Put A Egg On It

With the death of Lucky Peach last year (RIP) decent food zines are hard to come by. But one that continues to hit the spot is Brooklyn based culinary zine @putaeggonit, who explore the gastronomical wonderment that is New York.

This zine stands in cheeky defiance amongst other pristine food publications. I love the anecdotal and culturally inclusive approach to their content, as well as the look and feel of the pages, inspired by the DIY photocopied music fanzines of the late 80s and early 90s. If you’re into messy meals and food-filled adventures, give them a go.

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