10 stores taking on Hypernature

Over the past 12 months, there has been an emerging trend in retail interiors which has taken the philosophy of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ to the next level.

Hypernature is an exaggerated version of nature, one that never actually existed. A little bit more dramatic, vibrant, and more visually intense than the original version.

Here are 10 stores taking on the hypernature trend.

1. Christian Louboutin Boutique, Miami Design District

Christian Louboutin used materials straight out of nature’s library for their new store in the Miami Design District. The tree bark used to cover the flagship’s facade was harvested and sourced by hand, leaving the trees intact.

2. Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster has applied the hypernature trend across numerous sites around the world.

3. Valextra, Miami

Taking cues from the natural materials found in Milan’s palazzos, Valextra showcases a mix of marble and stone.

4. Olderbrother, Venice Beach

Olderbrother garments are made with natural materials and dyes. Their most recent range has been created using a chaga tea dye - a herbal drink made from steeped chaga mushrooms. To bring this to life in-store, Olderbrother created a plywood box filled with mushrooms.

Photo credit: Dezeen
Photo credit: Dezeen
Photo credit: Dezeen
Photo credit: Dezeen

5. Glossier, Los Angeles

Like all of their offline spaces, the concept for Glossier’s LA store is native to the city and the local lifestyle of their community. In this case, it was the idea of escaping LA and driving through the desert.

Complete with ‘selfie canyon’, the brand took their distinctive dusty pink signature colourway and applied it to a reproduction of the natural phenomenon.

6. Celine, Miami

Blue-tinged marble alongside weathered wood and concrete pillars were used to create a “place where an internal universe can be imagined".

7. CentralWorld x Yayoi Kusama, Bangkok

As part of the Bangkok Art Biennale, the QUEEN OF HYPERNATURE, Yayoi Kusama, suspended her signature pumpkins in popular Bangkok mall, CentralWorld.

8. Cushla Whiting, Melbourne

Granite boulders skewered on metal poles are used to display Cushla Whiting’s jewellery.

The display cases are designed to subconsciously remind customers of the geological and cosmological principles behind the formation of the precious gems they sell (apparently).

9. Apple, Milan

Apple’s flagship in Milan combines two fundamental elements of the Italian piazza — water and stone.

The eight-metre high glass walls contain a water feature that was, according to the architects, supposed to be an “immersive recreation” of running through a fountain as a child.

10. Apple, Macau

Apple’s flagship store in Macau is set in a plaza surrounded by dense thickets of bamboo and an innovative facade made from glass and stone.

Five layers of glass are overlaid with layers of very thin stone, creating the illusion of a solid stone wall that allows light through.

The use of nature as a softening and calming influence continues within the store, serving their blossoming consumer appetite for ‘slow’ - an antidote to city-induced stress.

Meanwhile, 'Hypernature' was also seen at Design Miami...

Fendi commissioned Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis to create 10 water fountains symbolising the historic Fendi logo, and the importance of water in the production of its luxury goods.

Maison Perrier-Jouët commissioned London designer Bethan Laura Wood to create a hypernature inspired space to drink and relax.

It featured anodised aluminium tree structures with tendrils of Perspex foliage overlaid with rainbow tints.

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