Welcome to the spring issue of SEEN; a 3 x 3 look at what's been happening within the world of brands, culture, and creativity over the past few months.


The importance of sleep has been a key topic in the health and wellness conversation over the last year, with more and more brands bringing out sleep products across various categories.

1. Nite Nite Patch, Hemp Infused

These 15 mg of premium hemp extract and melatonin sachets (below) will apparently help you catch them ZZZ’s!

2. Casper Nightlight

Casper has expanded its product line-up with a smart nightlight designed to support better sleep. By integrating with your phone, it responds to your individual sleeping patterns.

3. NightFood Ice Cream

Infused with magnesium to help people get a good night’s sleep. Flavours include midnight chocolate and full moon vanilla.


The 90’s is having a renaissance thanks to the release of Captain Marvel and Derry Girls (both set in the 90’s) as well as Kim K channelling iconic 90’s outfit choices (thanks Naomi).

1. Captain Marvel Website

With the release of the 90’s based Captain Marvel, the brand released a Nostalgic 90's website.

2. Gameboy Sneakers

Russell Westbrook x Jordan Game Boy-Inspired sneakers came in a special-edition custom box.

3. Balenciaga’s Matrix Inspired campaign

Balenciaga pays homage to the iconic 1999 movie, The Matrix. The campaign film recreates various scenes from The Matrix, complete with low-fi special effects.


The tech-powered retail category, dubbed “brick-and-mobile,” is beginning to take off as early experiments like Amazon Go catch on.

1. Dirty Lemon 'Drugstore'

Dirty Lemon opened an Amazon- Go style physical store in Tribeca, New York. Customers walk out with their drink and pay via text.

2. Lego teamed up with Snapchat

Their Augmented reality pop-up came to life through Snapchat, with the toymaker’s new streetwear line only available to purchase through the app.

3. Nike SNKRS Mobile App Pop Up

The pop-up store which Nike dubbed as ‘the physical manifestation’ of the app, sells limited-edition products. However, all transactions can only be made through the app.


In the UK this year, Holland and Barrett became the first high street retailer to stock medicinal CBD oil, with sales of the product rising by 37 percent within the first four weeks of its launch.

CBD is now the biggest trend of 2019, and it's going in everything from coffee to olive oil.

1. VYBES Drinks

Drinking VYBES has the power to change your emotional well-being. Feel better. Live better. Functional, organic beverages with Hemp CBD. Made in LA.”

2. Rawligion - CBD Mylk

Dairy free, almond hemp based mylk was designed to help ‘relax’ busy Londoners.

3. Minor Figures after Coffee CBD oil

A naturally calming remedy restores and replenishes the body following over consumption of coffee.

3 x Titanic Installations

The luxury fashion market have been busy creating massive sculptures as bait for Instgram.

1. Virgil Abloh & Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh has been around the world installing huge sculptures in Louis Vuitton stores. In Japan, a crouching man appears to burst through the floor of Tokyo’s Harajuku Station.

2. RIMOWA at Frieze art fair

RIMOWA made a debut appearance at Frieze art fair with a gigantic multi-storey suitcase, printed in a sugary, sunset ombré designed by Alex Israel.

3. KAWS in Taipei & Hong Kong

British multi-disciplinary artist KAWS did the rounds in Asia exhibiting his huge blow up sculptures on land and along the Victoria Harbour.

3 x limited-editions we fell for

Limited-editions that move out of category, connect with culture and get heavy weight creatives on board are on the rise.

1. Colin Kaepernick “True to 7” Jerseys

Following Nike’s hugely successful 'Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything' campaign, the brand has released a limited-edition jersey.

2. Bape CNY Tea Pot Set

In celebration of Chinese New Year, streetwear magnate BAPE launched a limited-edition Chinese Tea Pot set; infusing traditional Chinese tea culture with BAPE’s design codes.

3. Virgil Abloh X Evian

Virgil Abloh’s first commission as Evian’s Creative Director for Sustainable Design is a luxury reusable water bottle. The limited-edition bottle went on sale via fashion website, Matches Fashion.

3 x brands talking about low and no differently

While alcohol abstainers still remain a small proportion of the demographic – only 15% of 25 to 34-year-olds - it is growing, and they increasingly want something better than Coca Cola.

1. Kin Euphorics - Social Tonic

‘Kin believes in a night where social isn’t sinful and self-care doesn’t stop at sunset. Euphorics open the mind, calm the body, and connect the spirit.’

2. Three Spirit - Social Elixir

‘Plant-based social elixir designed to make you feel good.’

3. Coca Cola’s ‘Bar None’ Non Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage

‘All the spirit, without the spirit.’

2 x new malls + 1 alternative

The old mall concept is slowly being destroyed by online only brands like Amazon. Thankfully new malls which are dynamic centres for collaboration, entertainment and brand building are rising in their place.

1. Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross

London’s newest outdoor mall is a Heatherwick Studio designed space which houses a variety of brands and eateries within a renovated Victorian industrial buildings.

2. Hudson Yard, NYC

Hudson Yards is a battleground for luxury brands’ experiential stores. When shoppers aren’t touring the high-end stores, Hudson Yard has a space for napping and showering called 3DEN and the branded, 'Instagrammable hang-out', Snark Park.

3. Instagram New Shopping feature

For brands, the recent Instagram shopping feature that launched as a BETA is like opening a storefront in a mall where the customers who are most likely to buy from are automatically directed to their front door.


With streetwear dominating the fashion market, every industry wants a piece of the action.

1. Booze (Havana Club x Daily Paper)

Havana Club and streetwear brand Daily Paper recently launched a limited-edition capsule collection and ‘creative workhouse’ for young talent.

2. Luggage (RIMOWA Luxury Collabs)

RIMOWA is collaborating with everyone from Virgil Abloh to artist Alexis Israel and fashion designer Yoon Ambush.

3. Music (Gorillaz & Levi’s Customizable Collection)

Levi's and the Gorillaz recently announced a collab where the iconic Batwing logo has been reinterpreted by artist and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett to feature alongside images of band members 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs.

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