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Depop and Ralph Lauren celebrate vintage fashion

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

If fast fashion’s ethical and environmental drawbacks are getting you down, here’s a solution: clothe yourself head to toe in classic Ralph Lauren.

The fashion super brand has hooked up with millennials’ favourite online marketplace Depop to present a special collection of vintage pieces called RE/SOURCED, now available at Ralph Lauren’s New Bond Street store until November 7th.

A trio of Depop sellers appear in video content promoting the collection, which includes hard-to-find and highly coveted Polo Sport pieces. “Depop is always looking for new ways to champion sustainable practices and new forms of creativity,” said Depop CMO Peter Semple.

The collab gives Depop space to promote the creativity of its sellers and its ability to give clothes a second or third life, while Ralph Lauren positions timeless fashion as an answer to criticism currently facing the wider fashion industry.

A savvy move for both brands, executed with style.

FT campaign engages with our ‘fragmented’ era

The Financial Times is calling on business leaders to help change the world as part of its new brand campaign.

Entitled The New Agenda, the campaign sets out a fresh position for the newspaper in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis (11 years in the making then?).

Although the famous broadsheet is still firmly in capitalism’s corner, it believes the current system needs “a reset”. Hence a series of ads that voice provocative points of view on topics such as activist investors and the sustainability of air travel.

Image Source: Campaign
Image Source: Campaign

“This era is very fragmented,” Finola McDonnell, the FT's chief communications and marketing officer, told Campaign. “It doesn’t feel like the world has recovered in a way that feels totally coherent.”

She added that business leaders have an opportunity to achieve positive change – and the campaign is designed to inspire them. “We’re encouraging people to get involved before it’s too late."

Louis Vuitton unveils fabulous London flagship

No art galleries, no museums anywhere. Just sensuously appointed luxury stores.

Is this the future Louis Vuitton envisages? It could be, judging by the brand’s long-awaited revamp of its flagship London address. For pure spectacle and showmanship, the space now rivals some of the capital’s biggest cultural attractions.

Outside, the New Bond Street store features a giant, vivid explosion of colourful LV monogram icons which is likely already adorning your Instagram feed. Meanwhile, the lavish interior boasts work by 25 major artists, including Tracy Emin and Sarah Crowner.

Image Source: Dezeen
Image Source: Dezeen

Come for the Insta-moments and art, stay for the high-end clothes and jewellery. That seems to be the underlying model for architect Peter Marino’s vision. The 17,500 sq ft space is arguably the latest, greatest iteration of the so-called concept store – developed to keep shoppers coming to bricks and mortar in the digital age.

Recycle your adidas with Infinite Play buy-back scheme

Adidas has launched Infinite Play, a new platform designed to combat fashion waste.

Developed in partnership with London start-up Stuffstr, the service enables UK consumers to return any adidas products bought within the past five years. When you use the app, the brand will send you a gift card and loyalty club points in exchange.

“Adidas gear was made to be played and replayed, time and time again,” the brand said in a statement. “We want to re-think – and share responsibility for – the way in which we treat items once we’re finished with them.”

The company has previously launched take-back-and-recycle schemes like this in Brazil and Canada, as well as providing a service for consumers to drop off old clothing and shoes in selected stores across London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles last year.


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