WEEK. 20.09.19

It's time for your Friday dose of WEEK. A look back at what's dropped over the last seven days.

AriZona Tea releases bodega magazine

AriZona Iced Tea is celebrating 27 years as a fixture of New York bodegas with a limited-edition print magazine.

Fresh from a hugely successful Adidas collaboration, the beverage brand has created The 99c Magazine. Inspired by iconic fashion titles, the publication depicts NYC through the lens of contemporary fashion, street culture and the Brooklyn bodega scene.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

As always, AriZona has eschewed the ‘normal’ way of doing things to create a product their audience will actually covet. Strategies like this continue to make the long-established brand (based in New York despite its name) highly popular with Gen Z consumers.

Nike’s “You’re It”

Nike's new European kids ad is designed to inspire young girls through a game of tag.

The campaign uses the age-old phrase “You’re it” as both a tagline and a design mechanic in the video and on social. To support the ad, Nike has created a series of TikTok challenges which drop each week the campaign is running.

TikTok is quickly becoming a great way for brands to encourage younger consumers to create content around their campaigns.

Luxury mooncake gift boxes

The Chinese mid-autumn festival is pretty much unheard of in the West, but its hugely popular in Asia and luxury brands are always there to celebrate.

The most established tradition is the gifting of mooncakes, which come in a ornamental box - an opportunity for brands to create limited-edition box sets for their most loyal customers.

Some of our favourites:

Fendi celebrates traditional Chinese crafts - the box even includes a light to turn it into a lantern.

Dior’s mooncake box opens to reveal an aromatherapy candle.

Gucci created a portable chess set.

Louis Vuitton has gone for a hot air balloon, which plays into the brand’s ‘travel’ positioning.

Image Source: Jing Daily
Image Source: Jing Daily

Tiffany was inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting, with the box also turning into a lantern.

Burger King ditches free toys with recycling pledge

Image Source: Burger King
Image Source: Burger King

Following a petition from two schoolchildren, Burger King UK has decided to stop giving out free plastic toys with meals.

To help the fight against plastic, the brand is also encouraging customers to bring back old toys to be melted down.

Pentatonic, which makes consumer goods from recycled materials, is working with Burger King to recycle the collected toys into restaurant items such as trays and play areas.

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