WEEK: 17.05.19

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK - a round-up of what’s dropped over the last seven days.

The FA launches “Heads Up”

A campaign we fell hard for this Mental Health Awareness Week comes from The FA and Heads Together, who’ve launched an emotive campaign to promote the conversation around mental health.

The campaign uses insight revealed by The PFA about the 500% increase in the number of calls they receive from footballers struggling with mental health problems between 2016 - 2018. A hopeful sign that the stigma attached to mental health may be disappearing.

The launch film stars the Duke of Cambridge and England Manager Gareth Southgate, alongside Lionesses’ legend Kelly Smith, members of Uxbridge Amblers Walking Football Club, London Amps FC and the founders of FC Not Alone. All using the influence of football to discuss their thoughts and feelings towards mental health.

Warburtons 'GoodBagels'

In a bid to create “talkability and fame”, Warburtons’ has launched “GoodBagels” - a brilliant TV ad starring Oscar-winning actor, Robert De Niro.

From De Niro’s comical one-liners to the funny-yet-sinister ending directed towards Mr. Warbuton himself - a gentle nod to De Niro’s previous role in Goodfellas - both the creative concept and leading role are perfectly suited.

The ad is light-hearted but functional. According to our Head of Copy Gary, “the writing, in particular, manages to pack in some great mafioso referencing without too much crowbarring”.

We approve.

Bodyform tackle vulva taboos

According to the BBC, “among the slang and swear words and declarations of love, penises are inked onto over half of all male toilets in the UK”.

Bodyform’s latest activation takes this matter into its own hands in a war against bodily taboos by adorning illustrations of vulvas across various toilet cubicles in London.

Flipping the narrative of shame on its head, Bodyform is tackling the phalluses and stigmas of the female body form on its head, one cubicle at a time.

Image: Creative Review
Image: Creative Review
Image: Creative Review
Image: Creative Review

Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner

There’s no denying Kylie Jenner has dominated the beauty market since launching Kylie Cosmetics back in 2015.

The brand is reportedly now valued at $1-billion, making the recent announcement that Jenner will be entering the skincare market with ‘Kylie Skin’ a logical step.

Image: Livekindly.co
Image: Livekindly.co

After teasing that “something big is launching this month” on Twitter, this week Kylie Jenner confirmed on her Instagram that her skincare line will drop next week.

With an aesthetic aligning (a little too close) to Glossier’s millennial pink, the first six products to launch will be: a foaming face wash, a walnut face scrub, a vanilla milk toner, a face moisturiser, a vitamin c serum, and eye cream. And, naturally, the range will be “cruelty-free, gluten free, sulphate free, paraben free AND vegan”.

Image: @kylieskin
Image: @kylieskin

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