WEEK. 30.08.19

It's time for your Friday dose of WEEK. A look back at what's dropped over the last seven days.

Doritos drop's the logo

We’ve seen some questionable attempts to appeal to Gen Z over the last year, but Doritos have nailed it.

Using the insight that Gen Z don’t like overt advertising, their integrated campaign ‘Another Level’ removes all their key brand assets except for the iconic triangle.

In a gritty style similar to Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner, the accompanying ad is funny and feels authentic for this audience.

Doritos social channels will remove their logos and brand mentions, including all previous content, and new content will be crowdsourced, giving fans the chance to share what ‘Another Level’ means to them with the #LogoGoesHere hashtag.

Image Source: adweek
Image Source: adweek

Consumers can also ‘triangle themselves’ with a Snapchat lens and even Doritos.com will be replaced with LogoGoesHere.com.

Porn’s war on plastic (SFW)

Image Source: Porn Hub
Image Source: Porn Hub

“Porn Hub?!” I hear you cry (or whisper)… don’t worry it’s all good. They’re just trying to highlight to their 100 million daily visitors that we need to clean up the world’s beaches.

‘Dirtiest Porn Ever’ stars porn couple Leolulu having a bit of fun on the beach, until the camera pans out to reveal that the sandy shores are littered with plastic debris.

Each time the video is watched in its entirety, the porn streaming site will make a donation to non-profit environmental group Ocean Polymers, who claim to have developed a method of collecting and processing plastic waste in the world’s oceans.

Even porn sites are helping to pick up plastic - what’s stopping you…

KitKat’s origami packaging

Source: Independent
Source: Independent

The Japanese love KitKats - they have all the weird and wonderful flavours, and now they have the best packaging too.

Nestle is aiming to make all its packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025, so now KitKats in Japan come wrapped in matte paper instead of glossy plastic.

Consumers are encouraged to get creative and use the wrappers to make origami paper cranes that contain well wishes for friends and family. A great example of tapping into a cultural tradition to promote sustainability.

Facebook cafes to offer privacy check-ups

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Facebook is opening five pop-up cafes to give people advice on personalising their privacy settings.

They will be located within existing coffee shops around the UK, providing visitors with a privacy check-up as well as a free coffee or tea.

With users increasingly distrustful of social media companies and their handling of personal data, is this a good way for Facebook to redeem itself in the eyes of the public, or just another distraction from recent scandals?

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