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Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK: a round-up of what’s dropped over the last seven days.

Louis Vuitton show hits Paris

All eyes were on Paris yesterday for the mens S/S 2020 fashion shows. With Virgil Abloh at the helm, Louis Vuitton teased guests with a DIY kite invitation.

That was just the beginning - when guests arrived they were met by an entirely LV monogrammed street complete with bouncy castle, library, park benches and even a portable crêperie.

Images Via: Instagram
Images Via: Instagram

Louis Vuitton’s iconic brand assets have never been so widely applied. Its got many of us wondering whether this is all part of the Supreme effect.

Juno Calypso’s Women’s World Cup photography

British photographer Juno Calypso is back with a Women’s World Cup exhibition. Calypso gained fame with her highly stylised photographs of herself dressed as fictional alter ego ‘Joyce’ in unusual (typically pink) surroundings.

Image Sources: Instagram
Image Sources: Instagram

‘An Unnecessary and Excessive Display of Celebration’ is inspired by the scientific theory that a specific tone of pink is capable of reducing aggression. For the 2018-19 season, Norwich City football club embraced the idea and painted their away changing room Baker-Miller Pink in a bid to gain a psychological advantage over their opponents.

Corona creates ‘Fit Pack’ cans

Image Source: Corona
Image Source: Corona

Corona Mexico is joining the battle to fight plastics with a new innovation, ‘Fit Packs’.

Attempting to rid the industry of the plastic rings that hold cans together, Corona designed a packaging system capable of joining up to ten cans without the need to add any other material.

The brand released the design as open source in the hope the rest of the beer industry will follow suit.

Glossier’s Hypernature pop-up, Seattle

Glossier’s new pop-up in Seattle is a hypernature dream. With rolling hills of moss and flowers juxtaposed against the brilliant white walls and fixtures, the store frames Glossier’s beautiful packaging in a sea of nature.

As with all their stores, Glossier was inspired by the area’s natural topography, including Mount Rainier and a popular neighbourhood park.

Image Sources: Dezeen
Image Sources: Dezeen

Also unique to the Seattle store are reusable tote bags and "plantable" postcards, with wildflower seeds embedded in the paper.

Stats of the WEEK

The average person scrolls through 300ft of content a day (same height as the Statue of Liberty)

9% of all Facebook messages sent everyday are emoji's

Facebook, 2019

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