WEEK. 23.08.19

It's time for your Friday dose of WEEK. A look back at what's dropped over the last seven days.

Hendrick’s Gin Portals

Slide through a washing machine into a world of curious at the Hendrick’s pop-up in Shoreditch. Once inside the seemingly ordinary ‘Lesley’s Launderette’, you can mingle with influencers and try the new rose and cucumber-infused gin.

This immersive experience took attendees to a “spectacular moment of whimsical oddity infused with rose and cucumber”.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Elsewhere in London, Hendrick’s has been making tube station corridors smell like cucumber and roses. Next week, they’re opening an ATM (Automated Transport to the Marvellous) with an invitation for curious minds to escape the conventional.

‘Netstalgia’ demystifies electric vehicles

The low uptake of electric vehicles has been put down to a lack of understanding and confusion about how they operate and what the benefits are.

To help demystify EVs, charging network Electrify America has created a website based on early internet design - dubbed ‘netstalgia’. By drawing comparisons between current perceptions of EVs and how new technologies such as mobile phones and online dating were once regarded, they hope to make EVs the new normal.

Image Source: LSN
Image Source: LSN

We’ve seen the idea of ‘new normal’ in other emerging sectors such as the cannabis industry, which is also keen to challenge misconceptions about its product.

K-beauty inspired by tarot cards

Korean beauty artist PONY (Park-Hy-Min) has partnered with MAC on a tarot and crystal-inspired makeup collection.

Publications such as Broadly, Refinery29 and The Cut have somewhat normalised tarot and astrology.

Image Source: Hypebae
Image Source: Hypebae

Gen Z are turning to astrology in response to a collective feeling of disorder - whether rooted in politics, the environment or technology - and the anxiety this can breed. Mysticism offers an escape from the chaos, providing a system to analyse both yourself and the world around you.

Maya Jama’s Adidas & McDonald’s party

TV Presenter Maya Jama has just turned 25, so Adidas threw her a party - and invited some of her other favourite brands along.

The star-studded London bash was inspired by the heavily-branded Kardashian parties, which revolve around being sponsored - #ad.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

McDonald’s was in attendance to serve up their latest limited release, spicy chicken nuggets.

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