WEEK: 04.01.19

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Greggs Launch Vegan Sausage Roll

High street bakery, Greggs, have jumped on the vegan train by releasing a vegan sausage roll this week. The new roll has 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry (made with vegetable oil) and a “bespoke” Quorn filling.

The product arrives on Greggs’s shelves at the start of Veganuary – a growing movement that encourages people to embrace plant-based diets during January.

Image Source: LinkedIn

Image Source: LinkedIn

What was more impressive was their engagement with the press and influencers. Vegan sausage rolls were delivered in iPhone style packaging, along with a built in screen with an Apple-style video of the new roll. This created a great unboxing moment and was shared widely across mainstream media and social.

Bandersnatch comes to life in London

Bandersnatch has been the talk of the new year. The Black Mirror special gripped users with multiple, intricate, interactive storylines.

It’s worth noting the intelligence learning potential for brands and retailers. By allowing viewers to choose between products, music and risk, marketers are able to build a bigger picture of who their audience are, enabling them to target more effectively.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

For fans of the episode, Netflix have created an immersive pop-up in London’s Old Street Station. The gaming store, named Tucker’s Newsagent and Games, is currently just a display, but we’re guessing they’ll open the doors before long.

Givenchy’s New London Flagship

Image Sources: Standard
Image Sources: Standard

Meghan Markle’s favourite brand have opened a new London flagship in New Bond Street. Inside, the store is a luxury escape, with pastel coloured walls reminiscent of 18th century bourgeois decor.

The store is a mash-up of the original 18th century features of the building alongside more modern finishes, including a pink tiled room and a patent red staircase.

Play arcade games on the side of the Hermes Store in Ginza

The Hermes flagship in Ginza held a ‘Jingle Games Event’ over the festive period, whereby two players could play interactive arcade games on the side of the store using projection mapping footage.

Maison Hermès Ginza has some of the best window displays in the city, as well as a free art gallery on the top floor featuring exhibits by global artists.

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