WEEK: 03.04.19

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK. A round-up of what's dropped over the last seven days.

Kim Kardashian Baby Shower X Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Image: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Image: Kim Kardashian Instagram

Last weekend, Kim Kardashian hosted a CBD and wellness-themed baby-shower-cum yoga session.

Dubbed the ‘calm before the storm’, guests could make their own CBD products and enjoy a 30-minute sound bath whilst lying on yoga mats.

Image Sources: Instagram
Image Sources: Instagram

Every guest was given a gift bag to take home, with LOVE. client Mr. Moxey's one of the stars of the show, and a pair of Yeezy slides for those that enjoyed their time at the ‘Yeezy spa’.

After all, it wouldn't be a Kardashian bash without a dose of family promo!

Seedlip launches sister brand, Æcorn Aperitifs

Non-alcoholic spirit brand Seedlip has a new sister range of non-alcoholic aperitifs designed to "stimulate appetite and be paired with food".

Image Source: LSN
Image Source: LSN

"We are thrilled to be following in Seedlip’s footsteps and breaking new ground in the category", says Claire Warner, Managing Director of Æcorn Aperitifs. "Since Seedlip’s launch, the world of non-alcohol brands has shown itself to be dynamic and exciting, and we hope that the introduction of Æcorn Aperitifs will now give everyone who is not drinking a seat at the table".

Palace’s New Los Angeles Store

London-streetwear and skater favourite, Palace, has opened their first store in LA along with a teaser film in their signature sarcastic British tone.

Streetwear is continuing its domination of the fashion market, meaning the once small independent brand Palace can now have an extravagant store on Melrose Avenue in LA; one of the most coveted shopping streets in the world.

Image Sources: LA Times
Image Sources: LA Times

Coca Cola Craft Mixers

Image Source: Bar Magazine
Image Source: Bar Magazine

Coca Cola has created a range of signature mixers to pair with dark spirits.

Finally joining the craft party, the new bottle designs are more reminiscent of a bourbon bottle than a soft drink.

The range is in collaboration with various drinks experts who each have their name on the front.

Stat of the week

According to new research by AppliancesDirect.co.uk the age that most people in the UK feel as though they reach Actual Adulthood is... 31-years old.

And the products that make people feel properly grown up are…

1. A house - 73%

2. A car - 41%

3. A washing machine - 36%

4. Dishwasher - 34%

5. Coffee machine - 32%

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