WEEK. 07.06.19

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK: a round-up of what’s dropped over the last seven days.

Uniqlo X KAWS Asia launch

Earlier this year, former street artist and now pop culture household name, KAWS, released a series of gigantic inflatable sculptures across Asia, including dragging one through Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

KAWS who lives in the murky space between artist and brand, seems to be the master of building hype in the region. This week his Uniqlo collaboration was released in China and pandemonium ensued.

Thousands of people literally fought for the chance to get their hands on a Kaws x Uniqlo t-shirt retailing for only £12.99.

Image Source: Uniqlo
Image Source: Uniqlo

According to 'What’s on Weibo', the hashtag “Everybody KAWS” received 140 million views on Weibo by Monday evening.

Bumble Plans Cafe and Wine Bar in New York City

Dating app Bumble is going down the path of many other digital native brands by opening a permanent physical presence in the form of a cafe and wine bar.

Image Source: Bloomberg
Image Source: Bloomberg

Dubbed Bumble Brew, the space is a place where both romantic and professional Bumble users can mingle IRL. Programming will include female chef demos, BFF parties, networking events, and date nights.

Opening in Soho NY, the space will be a coffee shop during the day and a wine bar as the sunsets, with small plates designed specifically not to embarrass people having a meeting - either romantically or for business.

Nike Evolves its Sustainable Grind Concept in New Concept Store

Nike Grind has been a key sustainability concept from Nike for years. It’s now becoming a more public-facing concept at Nike’s new Chicago NikeLab store: a space co-designed by Virgil Abloh.

Customers are encouraged to bring in their old kicks which are then ground down and given a new life as artificial sports pitches, running tracks, retail fittings, and new products.

This new store is hopefully a peek into the future of Nike’s circular economy, with the aim for consumers to trade in their old shoes in return for fresh ones.

Image Source: Nike
Image Source: Nike

Fast Company commented that both Nike and Adidas have taken different angles for sustainability, “Adidas has created a shoe built to be recycled but isn’t sure how to get the public to return them when they’re done. Nike has built the space to make that recollection compelling but doesn’t give you a shoe in return. Mash those two good ideas up, and maybe you get a great one?”

Ben & Jerry’s are desperate for a CBD infused ice cream

We’ve talked a lot about the CBD trend that has swept through just about every market. Small, nimble brands that can react fast were there first and led the innovation.

But as CBD becomes more mainstream, the big boys want a slice.

Image Source: Takeout
Image Source: Takeout

Ben & Jerry’s - the provocateurs of the ice cream world - are desperate to get in on the action, but rules from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) mean it’s not yet legal for producers to use it as it’s not legalised statewide (smaller companies largely ignore this rule).

“We are open to bringing CBD-infused ice cream to your freezer as soon as it’s legalised at the federal level.”

B&J’s are encouraging fans to write to the FDA to help seek approval. We’re eagerly awaiting the results.

Stat of the Day

There are more than one million posts tagged with #veganbeauty on Instagram and Pinterest saw a 50% increase in ‘vegan makeup’ pins in 2018.

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