WEEK. 14.06.19

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK: a round-up of what’s dropped over the last seven days.

China’s Bakery Workshop

China is undergoing an in-store DIY revolution. Just like in the west, stores and hospitality spaces are having to work harder to compete with internet shopping and social media, leading to a rise in experiential spaces.

At Yakafu - a bakery in Shanghai - the ground floor is a regular café but the entire second floor is dedicated to workshops where people can learn to bake their own bread, cakes or pastries.

The space is surreal and unconventional. Speaking to Frame Magazine, the architect noted, “the Chinese have an appetite for anything that is different and for spaces, shapes colours and structures that are maximal and very expressive”.

Image Source: Frame Web
Image Source: Frame Web

Chinese contemporary culture is very much linked with the ephemeral snapshot of someone’s daily life posted on WeChat and Weibo which demand surrealist experiences and unconventional imagery to stand out on the busy platform.

Offblak Disrupting Tea Market

Offblak is a new tea brand designed for a younger generation who want more than just an English Breakfast. Their tagline ‘drink tea like everyone’s watching’ plays to their instagrammable packaging and unusual flavours.

Image Source: LSN
Image Source: LSN

Each slimline box features playful designs from illustrator Thomas Hedger, which symbolise each tea’s mood and effect while distinguishing the brand’s four core categories: Fully Charged, Chill Out, Glow and Caff Free.

The teas come in exciting new flavour combinations like mint and chocolate or orange and jasmine. They’ve also put a contemporary twist on traditional flavours like Earl Grey.

The New York Times ‘The Truth is Local’ Installations

The New York times has opened a series of individual pop-up installations in empty stores across the five boroughs of New York.

The installations bring to life the stories that've had a major impact on the local communities, such as educational poverty in the Bronx, corruption in Manhattan and immigration exploitation in Queens.

Image Source: The Drum
Image Source: The Drum

The campaign celebrates the trust and dedication that NYT journalists uphold to deliver the stories that matter. The installations also tap into peoples collective desire for content they can trust, and journalism tackling local issues that matter to them in a globalised and fractured world.

Nike x Stranger Things

In the run up to Stranger Things returning to our screens for Season 3, the series has teamed up with Nike for an 80's inspired fashion collection centred around two themes: Hawkins High - the school the kids go to - and Independence Day in 1985 - a central focus of the show's third season.

The collection features apparel, accessories and Nike Classics, with each sneaker a throwback to those that were available in 1985.

Images: Highsnobiety
Images: Highsnobiety
Images: Highsnobiety
Images: Highsnobiety

The collection drops June 27. We'll be in line for this one.

Stats of the week

73% of UK consumers would spend more time and money in stores that offer experiences in addition to products.

68% said they wanted stores to offer experiences, services or leisure activities.

66% would visit a retailer for their cafes, bars and restaurants.


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