WEEK: 26.04.19

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK. A round-up of what's dropped over the last seven days.

Lays Signature Flavour bar

Lays crisps have been hard at work ‘redefining the crisps flavour experience’. They’ve come up with four new flavour concepts, sophisticated, minimal, iridescent and glam.

Image Credit: Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

At a Labelhood event at Shanghai Fashion Week they debuted the new flavours at the ‘Signature Flavour Bar’ where warm crisps were mixed with sparkling flakes by the Lays Signature Mixologist.

Lil Miquela reveals new members club

Everyones favourite digital avatar Lil Miquela has revealed her new inclusive member club. Club 404 named after the internet error code 404 is to ‘symbolise a new wave of digital disruption’. They will sell a range of clothes and merchandise, released using the typical drop model on the new club website.

Stating in their promo video that ‘stressing is out and wellness is in’ viewers are taken to a fantastical world of early internet references, cotton candy blue and pinks hues and ethereal music.

Lil Miquela highlights the commercial potential for fictional personalities to influence fashion beyond Instagram.

Childish Gambino's New Sales Model; The AirDrop

Rapper Childish Gambino’s Adidas collaboration was dropped this year at Coachella Festival. People in the crowd were airdropped an image from Donald Glover, the rapper’s real name, if they accepted it they had 60 minutes to claim a free pair

Image Credit: Mashable
Image Credit: Mashable

As luxury evolves consumers are not just paying cash for exclusive products. Fans who have invested the time to be in the right place at the right time earn the cultural currency to pay for exclusive products.

Cereal Disruptor Magic Spoon

There’s a cereal disruptor in town, Magic Spoon is trying their hand at the direct to consumer business model that’s been so successful with brands like Casper (mattresses) and Warby Parker (glasses).

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

The cereal comes in typical flavours, fruity, frosted, cocoa and cinnamon but has greater nutritional value than its mainstream competitors. Customers can buy on a monthly subscription basis or just individually.

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